May 09

Sabaton talked to The Age Of Metal


On May 3rd the Clubhouse in Tempe AZ became a war zone, as Swedish metallers Sabaton unleashed all their artillery at the venue during their second headline show in their first North American tour, there a handful full of brave soldiers sung along their favorite warfare tunes interpreted by the band.

Their show was amazing, even though it was not a whole lot of people but it was the right people and the band was really grateful of it, they played tracks from Coat of Arms, Attero Dominatus, The Art Of War and Primo Victoria. Overall it was an amazing show and a great set list, definitely would see them again in fall when they comeback with Evergrey.

Sabaton at The Clubhouse/Tempe, AZ. May 3 2011

Ghost Division


White Death

Cliff Of Gallipoli



Into The Fire

Attero Dominatus

Panzer Battalion


Coat of Arms

Primo Victoria

Previous to the show The Age Of Metal had the privilege to talk to Sabaton’s Guitar Players: Rikard Sunden and Oskar Montelius about their tour, their latest album and of course WARFARE. This is what they told us.

So how it’s been the tour so far?

Can you tell us what is the concept of Coat Of Arms, your latest album?

what inspire you to write about WWI & WWII?

At the beginning of the year you guys visit Auschwitz, how was that experience and if would be part of a next album?

Have you guys ever been in the military? and if you did, is that experience reflected in Sabaton’s lyrics?

How came to mind the concept of the “uprising” video clip? and how was the experience to work with actor Peter Stomare?

What is next for Sabaton?

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