May 14

Russell Allen of Symphony X checked in with The Age Of Metal


It had been 3 years since last time I saw Symphony X, and that time they blew my mind, so this time I was very curious about their new material, plus by the time the announcement of the tour happened it also included Nevermore and Soilwork, but they dropped out of the tour unfortunately letting Symphony X with Blackguard and Powerglove as openers, despising that I went down to the Marquee Theater in Tempe AZ to check them out.

The band opened with Of Sins And Shadows out of their 1997 The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, followed by Domination and Serpent’s Kiss out of their latest album Paradise Lost, then it was time for something new, The End Of Innocence the new single of their upcoming album Iconoclast let everyone want more, but instead Symphony X went back on time to Smoke and Mirrors out of their 1998 Twilight Of Olympus, and then back to Paradise Lost to with the album’s self titled track and Eve of Seduction, then a new advance of Iconoclast was presented under the name of Dehumanized, and closing with a everyone’s favorite Set the World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies).

As encore the band played one of their longest masterpieces The Odyssey out of their 2002 album with the same name.

The Age Of Metal had the fortune to talk with Russell Allen vocalist of the band, about their current tour, the new album, the production process and the general state of progressive metal today, and this is what he told us:

How has been the tour so far?

What can you tell us something about the concept of Iconoclast?

It’s been 3 years since Symphony X released Paradise Lost, What the band has been doing since then?

How was the process of working with Michael Romeo as full producer?

I heard that Symphony X is preparing a DVD, how is that coming along?

How you see the Progressive metal scene today compare to when Symphony X started?

How was the experience of working with Arjen Lucassen on Star One?

What is next for Symphony X?


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