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Royal Thunder live at The Troubadour Los Angeles (2/8/2013)



We had the chance to go see Norwegian heavyweights Enslaved on Friday, February 8th at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California with special guests Pailbearer, Ancient VVisdom, and Royal Thunder. After Ancient VVisdom came on first to set the mood, Royal Thunder went on second to a fantastic performance. Personally I was not aware of their existence until that night as I mostly was going for Enslaved but Atlanta, Georgia’s Royal Thunder was definitely a stand out band. Consisting of only three members, they play a mixture of southern rock mixed with stoner metal and psychedelic music. From a musical level they sound very reminiscent of many other bands from their area, however what sets them apart are the pipes from front woman Miny Parsonz. Her emotional vocal delivery brings to mind the late Janis Joplin at times.

Their performance itself went without any delay after Ancient VVisdom played their set. I have never been to the Troubadour venue but the 3 piece in Royal Thunder definitely  filled the stage well. Miny Parsonz’s vocals as said before were a highlight of their 30 minute set. The emotion that she displayed on stage has a powerful effect whether it be a high energy song or the bands pulls out a bit to let her vocals really shine.

The whole show was great and well worth the 5 hour trip to LA. If you haven’t heard of Royal Thunder before I suggest you check them out, as they are a band to look for especially if you are going to show up to one of the tour dates.

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