Jun 18

Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy (2013)


With such a powerful name as Rotting Christ you can only expect some of the most intense music and believe it or not beautiful music you’ve ever heard.  They are very distinct and have created their own sound over the years that is recognizable.  Their latest album Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy is very alluring to the ears.  Comparing this album to their previous album Aealo it is very different for sure.  Aealo was a very aggressive & commanding album, Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy is definitely a more tranquil album but is very atmospheric.  Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy means “Do What Thou Wilt,” this was derived from an infamous English occultist Aleister Crowley.  The band has already used some of his previous work as inspiration for the albums “Theogonia” (2007) and “Aealo” (2010).

Rotting Christ is very proud of their Greek heritage and always implement rifts that are inspired from their culture.  This & Sakis voice is what you could say is the bands trademark signature sound. With many different influences that intertwined its hard to pick out specific elements to classify the band in one specific category.  Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy shows the many different influences they’ve had over the years.  The album is a mixture of old & newer sounding material.  Like stated before the strength of Aealo mixed with the somber black metal sound of the “A Dead Poem” album is the best way to describe Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy for Rotting Christ Fans.

The evil sounds of whispers echoing in your ear, followed by sacred chants is only the beginning of In Yumen / Xibalba.  As always once you hear Sakis majestic voice you can feel the song go into another dimension.  His screams are more calm and timid than he usually does but over all the song has a very haunting spirit detail to it.  Cine Iubeste Si Lasa has a very elegant piano in the song, with their classic tribal vocals done by a female it gives the track a very exotic feel.  Concentrate, close your eyes and feel the song deep inside your soul and you’ll be transported into a realm of Grecian palace of evil.  The track becomes hypnotic and when you have traveled deep every into its core it ends with the sound of a maniacal laugh which is  malevolent.

Gilgames is more of a black metal inspired song which reminds you of their older material.  Its vicious screams and lovely guitar rifts make the track have a sinful romantic feel to it.  The number of the beast is one we use a lot in the metal scene.  What band has not done their own representation of these so-called obscene numbers.  The unholy numbers 666 have been portrayed of a sign of pure evil and that’s what fuel most black metal, death metal and almost about every genre of metal.  So of course a song about the one we like to call the devil or just a source of negative energy (depending on your opinion) is perfect.  Sticking to their formula the song is filled with the chants as their back ground followed by Sakis vocals are the key make up the core of the 10th track on the album 666.  The mirrored reflection of the evil surrounded by apparitions in the room is an illustrative picture of what you hear.  This song is not harsh nor in your face but its purpose is to create an atmosphere of what you might consider the beginning of what hell might be.  The pain and suffering portrayed in the most finest way you can imagine.

As a big Rotting Christ fan myself I can gladly applaud them for this album.  It’s not to be compared to their older albums but its musical genius and devilish essence is beautiful to my ears.  A concept album you could say but a recurring theme always seen in their work.  Over all its ominous sound is something to admired.  For Rotting Christ Fans out there you’ll love this and be enchanted by its sound.

Track List:

1.  In Yumen / Xibalba

2.  P’unchaw Kachun / Tuta Kachun

3.  Grandis Spiritus Diavolos

4.  Kata Ton Demona Eaftou

5.  Cine Iubeste Si Lasa

6.  Iwa Woodoo

7.  Gilgames

8.  Rusalka

9.  Ahura Mazda Anra Mainiuu

10. 666

11. Welcome to Hell (Bonus)

Genre: Black/Dark/Melodic Metal

Record Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 56:12

Line up:

Sakis Tolis-Vocals,Guitar
Themis Tolis-Drums
George Emmanouel-Guitar
Vaggelis Karzis-Bass





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