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Rob Dukes of Generation Kill talked to us about We’re All Going to Die



Is not doubt that New York City has been a cradle for extreme music, all the way from Anthrax to Nuclear Assault, to Biohazard and Type O Negative. But it seems there is a new gang in town that has been making a noise not only within the city walls, but all across country, their name is Generation Kill.

Generation Kill is a metal band that has their roots in thrash metal, hardcore and punk. The result of such cocktail is pure aggression, heavy riffs and a devastating sound. They just released their second album We’re All Going To Die via Nuclear Blast Records, the album is a collection of heavy metal songs that will blow you away from beginning to end. The record can pass as another thrash metal album, but make not mistake as this band has way more diverse and rich sounds than only thrash metal.

To begin with, the band features Exodus‘s Rob Dukes on vocals which in this case are more deep, and resemble a different ambient, one of the most impressive features on this album is the diversity of music that the album presents. From 80’s metal riffs, parts of hardcore, early Pantera influences, some Thrash metal, and a whole lot of attitude.

Songs like, Friendly Fire and Vegas that are very fast and heavy, but at the same time are eclipsed by songs like Death Comes Calling and Carny Love which are more deep and melodic. And there is also the case of the really extreme songs like There is Not Hope and We’re All Going To Die, which are more hardcore. So if you enjoy heavy and out of the ordinary stuff, want to get punched in the nuts by really heavy music. Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of We’re All Going To Die.

A couple weeks ago we talked with Rob Dukes of vocalist of Generation Kill, and he told us what is this We’re All Going to Die album all about, his thoughts on thrash metal, and why Generation Kill doesn’t fit that uniform.


Interview with Rob Dukes of Generation Kill by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud


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