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RIVERSIDE – Special 5.1 mix edition of “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” album in July


Polish prog masters RIVERSIDE are pleased to announce the release of a 5.1 mix version of their current album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” (2015). This special edition of the band’s latest, much acclaimed 6th studio album will be released worldwide via the band’s longtime label partner InsideOutMusic worldwide on July 22nd, 2016 as CD+DVD Digipak with slightly modified artwork (see front cover by Travis Smith above!) with the following tracklisting:

RIVERSIDE – “Love, Fear and the Time Machine – Hi-Res Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mix”

Disc 1 / CD (60:32):

 “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” Album:

1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)  (05:51)

2. Under the Pillow (06:47)

3. #Addicted (04:52)

4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire (06:56)

5. Saturate Me (07:08)

6. Afloat (03:11)

7. Discard Your Fear (06:42)

8. Towards the Blue Horizon (08:09)

9. Time Travellers (06:41)

10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)  (04:03)

Dis 2 / DVD-AV (96:35);

“Love, Fear and the Time Machine” Album:

1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)  (05:51)

2. Under the Pillow (06:47)

3. #Addicted (04:52)

4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire (06:56)

5. Saturate Me (07:08)

6. Afloat (03:11)

7. Discard Your Fear (06:42)

8. Towards the Blue Horizon (08:09)

9. Time Travellers (06:41)

10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)   (04:03)

“Day Session”:

1. Heavenland (04:59)

2. Return (06:49)

3. Aether (08:43)

4. Machines (03:53)

5. Promise (02:43)

“Video Clips”:

1. Love (Trailer)  (01:38)

2. Fear (Trailer)   (01:58)

3. Time Machine (Trailer) (01:07)

4. Found (Video Clip) (04:06)

The bonus DVD is a hybrid disc (DVD-AV), which has a DVD-Audio and a DVD-Video session on the same disc.

The DVD-A portion (audio only!) contains the main album and “Day Session” as high resolution 24bit lossless stereo versions as well as the main album as MLP lossless 24bit 5.1 surround version.

The DVD-V portion contains the main album and the “Day Session” as high resolution 24bit lossless stereo versions as well as the main album as high resolution 24bit DTS 5.1 surround version and 4 videos (The 3 album teasers and the promotional video clip for “Found”).

RIVERSIDE commented as follows about the upcoming release:
“We had never been in favor of releasing our albums in 5.1 until we recorded LFTM. It’s our best sounding release and we thought it would be an interesting experience to hear it in a new version. And so the thoughts have materialized, Bruce Soord has done a brilliant job and I’m fairly sure you’re going to like the new sound of LFTM.”

As last communicated, RIVERSIDE’s founding member and guitarist Piotr Grudziński tragically and unexpectedly passed away of natural causes on February 21st, 2016.

RIVERSIDE recently issued the following comprehensive update in regards to their activities:

In our statement we wrote that we had decided to cancel all concerts confirmed for this year and that hasn’t changed, RIVERSIDE won’t play any gigs this year. But we are going ahead with our other plans for 2016.

Many months ago, before Piotr died, we made a plan to release one of our albums in 5.1 in the early summer of 2016 and a compilation of our instrumental tracks in the autumn of 2016. We also have individual plans and guest appearances with other musicians. Our biography has been in the making for over two years and it will be published towards the end of this year – we just didn’t expect that it would contain an additional chapter and that its character would change.

We’ve always been like a family, we have stuck together and always taken care of that bond both on and off the stage. We have also said many times that we have the best fans in the whole world. Our band wouldn’t exist without you, without your commitment and all the emotional links that have been created between us over the years. Your reactions and support we have received from you have surpassed our most daring expectations. We’d like to thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.”

In other news, UK’s Prog Magazine has announced that RIVERSIDE are nominated in two categories for this year’s Progressive Music Awards. Their song “Towards the Blue Horizon” is nominated in the “Anthem” category and RIVERSIDE are nominated in the “Band/Artist Of The Year” category.

The awards are held on September 1st, 2016 and further details as well as voting options can be found here: www.progmagazine.com/awards

RIVERSIDE music samples for “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”:

“Time Travellers (Single Version)” lyric video: https://youtu.be/eNigGgBIQ74

 “Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)” video: https://youtu.be/nN0uSZ8xNcs

“Discard Your Fear” lyric-video: https://youtu.be/Vc4MSBVLF2c

“Love” (First album trailer): https://youtu.be/QcS2jOlL2ok

“Fear” (Second album trailer): https://youtu.be/QfCD5bq4yO0

“Time Machine” (Third album trailer): https://youtu.be/FR5R_4lHUO8

Upon release, “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” entered the sales charts in various countries with the following highest positions: Germany: # 18, The Netherlands: # 4, Poland: # 1, Switzerland: # 25, Austria: # 58, UK: # 67, France: # 98, Finland # 31, Belgian Top 200 Wallonia: # 51, Belgian Top 200 Flemish: # 73 and USA Heatseekers Charts: # 7.

Previous formats of “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” can be ordered here:



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