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Revocation – Revocation (2013)



Did you think Revocation couldn’t get heavier? I didn’t think so. Well guess what, they sure as hell proved me wrong. With the release of their fourth full-length self-titled album, you’ll be frantic with energy. Having written some of the most incredible solos, aggressive melodies and complex drumming, this record is lavishing with vigor. Then again, you can’t expect anything less than exhilarating, hard-hitting and nefarious material from Revocation.

The first track Revocation released is The Hive. This song is the perfect way to start off the album. The opening riff gets your full attention, and keeps you waiting. All of a sudden, the rapid drumming and heavy riffs hits you where it hurts. The second track, Scattering the Flock, is the catchiest on the whole album. The opening riff pounds inside your head, and the drumming is some of the most expeditious. Fracked is another raging track. I feel this one incorporates their more thrash influences than the rest of the tracks with a continuous kinetic riff and overpowering vocals. The next track Revocation released is Invidious. It’s definitely full of surprises. You will misjudge this song by the intertwining of thrash parts with monstrous solos. The track that impressed me the most is Spastic. It’s an instrumental, and is beyond incredible; the riffing and drumming mesh between intricate and absolutely insane. This track is the perfect blend of their death metal and thrash metal influences. Out of all of the songs off of their album this one flaunts the musicianship of this band. A Visitation is the perfect conclusion to this record. It encompasses all of the best elements of this band: power, technicality, and intensity.

This new record brings a lot of interesting features for the band. This release is a welcoming one for new bassist Brett Bamberger. I absolutely love the cover art. It was designed by Orion Landau, who is most notable for designing covers for Obscura, Dying Fetus and Nile. In support of the album, the band released some footage they got of the recording process. All I can tell you is it’s extremely entertaining.

Their fourth full-length is nothing short of momentous. Revocation has proved they excel with every album. Their embossing musicianship combined with their pulsating power results in something truly tremendous. What’s next for Revocation? Well, they are currently on Summer Slaughter and have some headlining northern dates in August, and a European tour in the fall. If you aren’t raging and headbanging when they perform their new material, I have no idea what you’ll be doing.



1. The Hive
2. Scattering the Flock
3. Arch Fiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed By Wealth
10. A Visitation

Genre: Technical death metal/thrash metal

Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 44 minutes


David Davidson – Guitars / Vocals
Dan Gargiulo – Guitars / Vocals
Brett Bamberger – Bass / Vocals
Phil Dubois – Drums



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