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ReVamp – Wild Card (2013)


ReVamp - Wild Card - Artwork

After three years of silence, the wait is over. The brainchild of vocalist Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever, guess singer for Nightwish) ReVamp has returned with a powerful new record titled Wild Card.

Wild Card picks up where ReVamp the self-titled début album left off, but this time they took their music to a whole new level. The album is musically way more technical and raw than what they band did before, and Floor‘s voice goes from angelic to growling aggressive from one moment to the other (The album artwork is a visual example of what you will hear on this album). Now, Wild Card‘s lyrical content deals with Floor‘s burnout experience, and what the sensations a person would go through during such state, as she explained to us last time we spoke with her

First, The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown is a three-part song (On The Sideline, The Lymbic System & Neurasthesia, this last one features Devin Townsend on a great duo with Floor) that describes the process of the breakdown to the burnout and the feelings and mental state that a person on that state suffers before realizing what is going on with them. Nothing, is the most descriptive song about the realization and denial on the cliff of a burnout. (Favorite song of the album, the honesty of confronting denial is just brutal) Wild Card, is a very dark song that tells the two sides of a coin, and that you will never know what to expect from a new person or experience.

Precibus and Distorted Lullabies are different experiences related with the burnout state, and how the mind would deny the problem in order to keep the body functioning, but at the end the crash is imminent. Misery’s No Crime is one of the most brutal songs (it features Mark Jansen of Epica on growling vocals) the song is very powerful and dark, that it will just take you to the edge of your seat, and it’s a deep look to the soul of Floor during her burn out state.

Overall, Wild Card is a great album, with a really structure step by step description of what a burnout is, and how it will affect the mental and physical state of the person living with it (It is really scary if you ask me). The album is musically honest, and lyrically rich, Indeed a great follow-up album from a band that is on the rise.



01. ‘The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown’: On The Sideline
02. ‘The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown’: The Limbic System
03. Wild Card
04. Precibus
05. Nothing
06. ‘The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown’: Neurasthenia
07. Distorted Lullabies
08. Amendatory
09. I Can Become
10. Misery’s No Crime
11. Wolf and Dog

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 49 minutes

Line up:

Floor Jansen: songwriter/singer
Arjan Rijnen: guitar
Jord Otto: guitar
Henk Vonk: bass
Ruben Wijga: keyboard
Matthias Landes: drums


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