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Rammstein – Videos 1995-2012 DVD (2013)


The Germans are coming, Rammstein is  coming! The German invasion has begun.  So many things can be said for one of the most monumental industrial bands from Deutschland.  What they have accomplished as a band far surpasses any level of expectation.

They are not only musicians but artists that can never be replicated. It’s difficult to begin to explain how important they are and how much they have impacted the music scene.  They are some of the most unique individuals filled with too much talent and creativity that anyone could ever imagine  After 6 studio albums, 2 Live cds & a Best of Compilation, tons of Singles, a couple of DVD’s, music videos and touring their resumes are impressive.  That is only scratching the surface of what they have managed to achieve since 1995.  Known for their crazy live performances with pyrotechnics seeing Rammstein definitely leaves an everlasting impression on you.  They risk their life & dedicate their time to bring their 110% on everything they do from shows, to cds & dvds.  They have become such a massive success its awesome to believe that a German singing band has so many fans all over the world despite that language barrier.  They are truly a band to admire and respect for everything they have ever done.

There are no limits to where they have gone and will continue to go.  They have crossed every bridge upsetting, offending and entertaining people with their art.  There is no discretion, censoring or apologies given because they are true to themselves and will always be.  Sex, nudity, murder, love, fun, sadness, happiness every emotion you could possibly produce as a human being has been captured on film by Rammstein.  From the year 1995 to 2012 Rammstein has produced 25 music videos.  Unlike any other band Rammstein have managed to take the simple idea of music video and literally turn it into a min movie.  Now for any new, or old fans of Rammstein who have seen some or all of their videos they are about to release their new DVD which features all music videos in great quality and along with that a behind the scenes making of the video.  This DVD is magnificent because you get to see each member (Christoph “Doom” Schneider – (drums), Richard Z. Kruspe – (guitar), Paul Landers – (guitar), Till Lindemann – (singer), Oliver Riedel – (bass guitar), Christian “Flake” Lorenz – (keyboards)) throughout the years and how they have developed and grown together as a band & individually.  The amount of hard work these 6 men have put into this band is something to applaud.  Everything they do is so planned out, has so much detail and effort put forth in it.  When watching one or many videos you can see over time how they found a way to put their true essence in each one of them.  You can call them chameleons because they are so versatile and no video is like each other.  Their wide range in being able to adapt to new characters is an art form.  They have taken the simple concept of a 3 to 5 minute video and some how have acquired a skill to make it into a movie.  These behind the scene clips of the whole shooting process as a fan makes you appreciate everything they do.  Remote locations, harsh weather conditions, long 12 or more hour days, dealing with lights, cameras, extras, other actors, pyrotechnics, and any other challenges faced were over come and the result are these extraordinary films.

A black holographic cover featuring all 6 members faces is the cover of the 3 disc DVD.  It really looks very cool and smart idea to have everyone included in such a peculiar way.  The collection also include a book with photographs featuring each music video and their description from what album the song is off, to director and year.  It’s a really neat extra feature they decided to add-on, all together they did a great job with packaging the DVD.  They divided up the discs into 3 which show videos in chronological order which makes you see the progression as far technicality, idea, vision and personal growth.  A behind the scene look of how professional and exceptionally well everyone has come together to create magic.  It’s a side of Rammstein that you have not seen, well composed men who work well in any situation and have developed personal relationships with some of the directors.  Silly times are had on sets but over all you can see how serious they are about what are doing and how much pride and joy they convey with each video.  The collaboration you see and input everyone has is great.   Rammstein has worked with several directors and have total faith in some of these individuals and they all always deliver.  Each director has their own style but over all still manage to keep the core of who is Rammstein in each video and do not disappoint.  The band recognizes their strengths which each individual has and support each other to shine through.   The amount of time set aside for each video as well as story boards that transcend into film from the emotion given from the song is something unreal.  Its vivid and inspiring to see how everything comes together and just works.

Disc one includes 9 songs covering the years 1995 to 2001.  The first music video was “Du Riechst So Gut,” now to those who have seen the video it is very simple yet artistic.  In the making of commentary it was said that the idea of the flower was not theirs but someone elses.”  When they look back at the video they can’t believe how young they were and as you look from point A which is this video and flash forward to the present day you can see how much more risky and bold they have become.  So comfortable than that first shoot.  When they asked their close friends and family about the video not many people liked it.  But they still felt that some of the poses they had were artistic.  Till also explains where he got those cool goggles he uses in the commentary and other insider secrets.

“Seemann” is such a different song possibly the only ballad they have ever done.  The video for that is very interesting and odd compared to any of their other work.  The band explains the what happened on that set and the important lesson they learned.  The self titled song “Rammstein” video was directed by David Lynch and featured on the film “Lost Highway” which was very exciting for the band at the time and featured live concert footage where Till wore a long coat set on fire.  “Engel” is such a great video because it shows the sophisticated version of “goths” drinking and watching the band play.  But of course they had to throw in some kinky snake dancer.  She makes a man drink beer not out of das boot but out of das foot.  Nothing is sexier than a german man drinking beer that’s being poured off a dancer’s foot. You can only imagine how delicious that beer was.  Next we have “Du Hast” which is a big fan favorite.  The song is so heavy and sick something that is a classic song played at an industrial club.  The video shows the strong bond the band has with each other and the director Philipp Stolzl choose a real actress to work with because unlike models they can show emotions because its their craft.  After hearing this and watching the video again you can really see it and feel what he is talking about.  This video has lots of emotion like love, betrayal, sadness, violence and anger.

The last few songs on the disc are “Du Riechst So Gut,” “Stripped,” “Sonne,” “Links 2 3 4.”  “Sonne” is a very interesting video featuring the band as “dwarves” and Snow White.  Its explained that Snow White is there light and how they love her but yet when she dies are relived the mistreatment is done.  If you have or have not seen the video go ahead and do so and you’ll read deeper into it and get to see dwarves getting spanked, very kinky for Snow White I don’t remember that in the original Disney movie.

The second disc starts off with “Ich Will” which is a video of how the band make themselves look as celebrities and highlight and make it seem glamorous that they robbed a bank.  This video has a more significant behind it and its explained but you’ll have to watch that part for yourself.  This disc covers 2001-2005 which feature songs off the “Mutter” album & “Reise.”  “Mutter” & “Feuer Frei” are the next two tracks on the DVD and “Feeuer Frei” was the second song ever featured on a movie.  It appeared on Triple X which had some high action scenes starring Vin Diesel.  The concert footage they used is great and was actually filmed more than about 60 times to make it perfect.  The high energy and extreme pyrotechnics are insane.  You wouldn’t even know that the band actually got blisters from the intensity of the flames as they stated during the interview.

Again they risk their lives doing high danger stunts and fire is no joke! “Mein Teil” is a very interesting video and had some private filming in some parts.  All I can say about that is you must watch to understand!  Next we have “Americka” which is a great song played live.  The video is great because it pokes fun at America and right at the end it shows how they filmed on a set kind of focusing the whole space landing “conspiracy.”  “Ohne Dich,” “Kein Lust” and “Benzin” finish up the disc.

Filmed in a small village away from the city “Rosenrot” is a time period set video that looks very authentic the scenery is truly captivating director Zoran Bichac did a phenomenal job. The story line in it was excellent mixing a young girl and priest with a forbidden relationship only to be betrayed and stabbed to death priceless.  The temperature during the time the video was filmed was freezing all the members are truly troopers and commit to the roles despite harsh conditions.  “Mann Gegen Mann” all I can say is lots of sweaty muscular men wrestling each other and the band was performing naked.  It was very homoerotic.  No further comments.  I think its great that they are comfortable enough to do something like that and its  bizarre and edgy which is something I love about Rammstein.  They are fearless and risk taking all in the name of music and art.

After featuring lots of men what better video to follow it than “Pussy.”  Now this video can offend some people but no matter.  Raunchy, dirty good old-fashioned sex with women.  Every member has a fetish side and you can definitely see it here.  Seducing office assistants, maids getting spanked, a girl in a brief case need I say more.  Talk about being wild this is something very daring for the band to do and for the public to see.  Now this was directed by the same director Jonas Akerlund  (“Mann Gegen Mann” & “Mein Land”) in the dvd they talk about how they trust him as a director and know they are in good hands.  I think its incredible for them to be so comfortable withe a director and to as a director to be called back to do 3 videos all together with a band as big as them is amazing.  “Haifisch” is a very sad video where the band fights each other after feeling everyone is possibly guilty of the death of Till.  When filming that fight scene they all found it very hard to keep a straight face because they felt like children rough housing.  That video has the best ending ever!

Now to jump completely to the different end of the spectrum.  “Mein Land” is the stands out in every way possible.  Its California 50’s fun in the sun.  Bright bold colors, lots of smiles, laughter and girls in bikinis.  Possibly the most fun shooting for the band.  Despite being so different it fits so well.  Again it just shows how the band is well-rounded and can jump into any character and improvise.  Finally we have come to the last 25th video recently filmed in 2012.  “Mein Herz Brennt” begins with a soft delicate sounding piano just with Till singing.  Later the action starts and we get to see a strange scary creature, children screaming, a building burning and much more.

The journey through the career and evolution of Rammstein has come to an end with that last track on the DVD.  Honestly after viewing the DVD and hearing everything from input, critique, and seeing how difficult everything is to make these videos you will respect, admire and get to know Rammstein a little bit better.  As a fan I could never have imagined so much that has gone on over the years.  This dvd collection opens the doors where no one has seen things before.  To see  them on a personal and professional level is something new to everyone.  This dvd is honestly great the insight and viewing pleasure of all the videos and extra footage is astonishing.  3 DVD’s, 445 minutes and a 55 page booklet of pure mind-blowing material.

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