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Psycroptic – The World Discarded (2015)



Psycroptic are another one of those underrated technical metal bands out there. Within the last 16 years, they have given us amazing albums like The Isle of Disenchantment, The Scepter of the Ancients, Symbols of Failure, Ob (Servant), and  2012’s The Inherited Repression. Their latest album, The World Discarded was released March 10th of this year. The vocals are not your typical growling style and may take some getting used too but the music itself is insanely impressive. Hailing from Australia, the Haley brothers, Dave and Joe (drums and guitar) play off each other almost too well.

Echo’s in Time resonates a beautiful self-realization with a steel string acoustic intro that builds into anxiety, anticipating the following episode that is bursting with brutal chaos. Quickly becoming aggressive and in your face, Psycroptic proves they have a very original sound . The riffs are intricate with awesome hooks that lead into astounding blast beats and even an epic chorus. Song 2 The Ending is an extremely complex staircase of riffs. There are a lot of really cool things going on here. From a musicians stand point, there are so many interesting elements to choose from, and it shows a lot of the integrity in their music.

A Soul Once Lost provides lightning speed grooves and sweet riffs one after the other. In Setting the Skies Ablaze the song progresses from each turn, it becomes more and more elaborate and defiantly takes a few listens to too fully appreciate what’s happening. Ideals That Won’t Surrender, Starts with a very dry drive like breakdown that transforms into a maze of riffing, that rich driving groove – truly makes Psycroptic what they are.

Sentences of Immortality, is a fast pace tremboloing that turns into a progressive breakdown. Almost a DimeBag groove (no disrespect to die-hard fans ) it’s just a very ambitious tune. The title track, The World Discarded has an operatic feeling from beginning to end. Last track Endless Wandering, is an all out bang your head track – this is a legit example of heavy metal – it has everything in it you’d expect .. Breakdowns, sharp riffing, and fades off into how it began within that metal/tribal sound.

The whole album literally feels like a story being told through music, like  a coma patient trying to wake up. I highly recommend it for what it’s worth, but to each their own. Check out their amazing album art work if nothing else. This is  defiantly a band that deserves more recognition so show your support!! No tour dates close to home as of yet, but stay tuned for future updates!


psy Tracklist:

1. Echos To Come

2. Ending

3. A Soul Once Lost

4.  Cold

5. Setting The Skies Ablaze

6. Ideals That Won’tSurrender

7.Sentences of Mortality

8. The World Discarded

9. Endless Wandering

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Record Label: Prosthetic Records

Line Up:

Vocals – Jason Peppeatt
Guitar – Joe Haley
Bass- Cameron Grant
Drums- Dave Haley


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