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Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression (2012)


When one thinks of the island of Tasmania which is situated south of Australia, one does not think of metal. Psycroptic from Hobart, Tasmania is one such band that will prove you wrong and proves that metal is alive and well even in the land from way down under. Psycroptic plays a sort of Technical Death Metal and have released The Inherited Repression 3 years after the critically acclaimed Ob(servant) and is their second with Nuclear Blast.

The Inherited Repression starts off with Carriers of the Plague and right off the bat you get an aural assault of tech-y death metal with machine-gun drums and a heavy riffage from the guitars. The interesting point is Jason Peppiatt’s vocals which are not exactly cookie monster-like vocals but more along the lines of a shout giving it a more thash/hardcore kind of feel. Joe Hayley’s guitar work really shows that he can play his instrument well with his fast riffs mixed in with progressive leads and odd melodies. With The Inherited Repression there is a thrash-like quality to it blending high-octane complex riffs with fast double-bass courtesy of Dave Haley coupled with the vocal work of Jason.

As compared to Ob(servant), The Inherited Repression seems to be a rehash of some the riffs on there and can get repetitive. Vocal-wise Jason’s vocals seems bland and not enough variation to keep the listener interested. However drum-wise Dave Haley seems to be in top form and does have some variation in his drumming.

Even though it is not their most strongest album, The Inherited Repression is great and will please some fans of the Technical Death Metal scene.



1. Carriers Of The Plague

2. Forward To Submission

3. Euphorinasia

4. The Thrones Of The Kings

5. Unmasking The Traitors

6. Become The Cult

7. From Scribe To Ashes

8. Deprivation

9. The Sleepers Have Awoken



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