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Primal Rock Rebellion – Awoken Broken (2012)


What happens when two different music minds put efforts together to create something new? Well many times the result is something unique that can’t be categorized. That is the case of Primal Rock Rebellion, a project by Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Mikee Goodman (Ex-SikTh) that results on their first studio album Awoken Broken, a collection of 12 pounding songs with an identity on their own. The album is diverse as the musical influences on it, you will hear alternative rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, psychedelic rock and everything in between. Adrian Smith plays guitar, bass and vocals, while Mikee Goodman takes care of the lead vocals. The album was co-wrote and produced by both.

Awoken Broken opens with No Friendly Neighbour, an edgy song full of distorted 90’s elements and aggressive vocals. No Place Like Home is the first single and video clip out of the album, a fast song that takes Adrian‘s guitar playing to a different level that personally I never heard before. I See Lights was the first song release to the public at the beginning of the year, a very alternative take of elements that has some sort of space/club vibe on it which make it very cool and easy to listen to.

Bright As A Fire is a melodic song full of diverse riffs that create a static atmospheric aura on the track. Savage World is a very strong song dominated by the fierce of Mikee‘s voice from beginning to end. Torture Song is a very chilled song that progresses from soft to hard, like a tiny roller coaster ride. White Sheet Robes is a song that would fit perfectly as part of a Matrix kind of movie, full of texture riffs that gives a strong character to the song. As Tears Come From The Sky is a 47 seconds vocal rendition with a psychedelic and dark riff behind it. Awoken Broken is a very powerful song full of fast riffs, poundering drumming and extreme vocals, that I would consider the fastest on the record and my favorite out of it.

Search For Bliss is a more melodic song full of rock and roll elements that make it very cool and easy to listen even though the voice of Mikke will scream at you from time to time. Snake Ladders is a complex song totally experimental on which Adrian presents a different side on his guitar playing more dynamic that differs of what you could expect from him. Mirror And The Moon is a ballad that has a lot of 70’s progressive rock elements and a beautiful violin arrangement.

Primal Rock Rebellion and their first album Awaken Broken is an experimental approach from both Mikee & Adrian, on which they put their techniques and musical approach to a total different level. The album has a lot of diversity musically speaking, and is different at what both Adrian and Mikke had done with their respective bands so far. Awoken Broken is a worth album to check out, hopefully they have the chance to do a tour, it would be great to listen to some of these songs live and see Adrian & Mikee on a different performing perspective.

Track List:

1. No Friendly Neighbour 4.53
2. No Place Like Home 3.06
3. I See Lights 4.59
4. Bright As A Fire 6.21
5. Savage World 3.38
6. Tortured Tone 5.08
7. White Sheet Robes 5.16
8. As Tears Come Falling From The Sky 0.47
9. Awoken Broken 4.58
10. Search For Bliss 4.13
11. Snake Ladders 4.43
12. Mirror and the Moon 5.04


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