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Primal Fear – Unbreakable (2012)


 Germany’s very own Primal Fear latest release “Unbreakable” is power metal at its finest with singer Ralf Scheepers hitting his high vocals blasting listeners away, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt shredding on guitars, along with Mat Sinner on bass and drummer Randy Black.  It’s the bands latest studio album since The new album has been released in North America on January 24th by Frontier Records and should be Primal Fear‘s pride and joy. The album has a very classic sound that will capture everyone’s attention this year. After listening to the album I can gladly say the band keeps pumping out the tracks with the most amazing guitar rifts, melodies, and vocals.

The intro “Unbreakable” (Part 1) of the album builds anticipation and then the first official song of the album “Strike” starts off with grand force and kicks things in gear.  “Strike” is full of energy and continues to push it over the top with Ralf’s Scheepers vocals which clearly have the Heavy Rob Halford influences.

 “Give’ Em Hell”  keeps things moving with a catchy drum beat that everyone can follow along to.  The song reminds me of “Scream” off the “16.6: Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead.” (2009) album.  “Bad Guys Wear Black” (Featured music video) & “And There Was Silence”, open strong which will have fans screaming for more.  Both are very up beat tracks that will cling to your and will not not let the beautiful melodies out of your head.

 “Metal Nation” & “Where Angels Die” tones it down by being more calm but lets you appreciate and really soak in Ralf‘s Scheepers loud epic vocal range. The songs are much slower than the other tracks on the album but it really is a nice medium that give the album structure becuase it gets you high in the begining and eases you half way through.

“Unbreakable (Part 2)”, “Marching Again”, & “Blaze of Glory” are colossal songs that bring the album back to speed and get you going.  “Unbreakable” is a total power ballad that definitely shows that the band hasn’t lost their touch, it’s probably the most epic song on the whole album.

“Blaze of Glory” is very heavy metal song with a intense deep guitar opening illustrating the drums in a classic Primal Fear Style as “Blaze of Glory” is chanted through the chorus.

 “Conviction” is the last song on the album starts off with Ralf‘s infamous screams! The track closes the album with a nice touch being a heavy fast guitar song.  It ties the whole album together and leaves with with an intense impression that will make you want to listen to it all over again.

Track List:

Unbreakable (Part1)
Give ‘Em Hell
Bad Guys Wear Black*
And There Was Silence
Metal Nation*
Where Angels Die*
Unbreakable (Part 2)*
Marching Again
Born Again
Blaze Of Glory

(* personal favorites)

Over all the whole album had great recording the vocals were crisp and clean the guitars were breath-taking.  The album is one of their greatest works yet, its classic and highlights everything that Primal Fear is.   The more times you listen to the album the more it gets drilled into your head andwill leave you singing even after the music has stopped playing.  “Unbreakable” is a tremendous Power Metal Album that fans should pick up and listen to this 2012.

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