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POWER TRIP – Manifest Decimation (2013)



You know that feeling you get when you’re waiting for a band to start playing? You know the one…the apprehension felt while idling in the front of a packed show in a small, run down, poorly air-conditioned venue?  Standing sandwiched and wedged in between bodies with a sweat coming off of you so thick that you’re stuck to the stranger in front of you. Your body heat is radiating off in droves, and your adrenaline starts pumping to your heart at maximum speed and velocity.  Aggression and ruthlessness fill the room mere seconds before the band begins to play. The calm before the storm. All those memories flood back to the mind as soon as the needle hits this record. From the first track to the last track and each one in between; Manifest Decimation strikes with an unrelenting vengeance, crossover at its absolute best.

This album rarely lets up, and you’ll find yourself not wanting it to. This record is sheer raw power, electrocuting the ears like nerves spewing out of the nervous system. The opening track ‘Manifest Decimation’ gets the body excited almost immediately. The drums start pounding away in the beginning of this track, knocking on your door. They’ll wake you up and demand your attention. The solos are faultless and the speed is just right. Curiosity peaks, the album plays on…

‘Heretics Fork’ is abrasive and aggressive in the most welcoming way. This track is sure to enliven even those people who never move at shows, you’d have to lack a pulse not to. The solo that enters about half way through will have you sliding your hand up and down the neck of your invisible guitar. You’ll feel it in your guts and out through your ears.  ‘Conditioned to Death’ gives you a small break in the beginning, just long enough to take a breath before it explodes into an archetype of momentum and hostility. Once it detonates, the fury doesn’t quit.

The track ‘Murderer’s Row’ is one of the catchiest songs on the album. It’ll make you crave the feeling you get when flying through the air crowd surfing, maniacal and out of your mind.  It flows impeccably into ‘Crossbreaker,’ one of the most addicting tracks on the album. Acting as almost an anthem, it’s the kind of song you’ll find yourself head banging to without even noticing. Listening to it live you’ll want to put your arm around your buddy with a fist in the air, yelling “CROSSBREAKER!” at the top of your lungs. You’ll want to lose your voice…and your mind.

‘Drown’ gives the listener another short-lived break as it takes time to build up. It’ll give you a second to watch the musicians do their thing right before it thrashes you back into the energy of the crowd. ‘Power Trip’ is the kind of song destined for the eye of the tornado that’s felt in the circle pit. As it progresses, a kinship with the band is felt. It makes you want to be a part of it, every riff and every lyric. It’ll force stress out of the body as it dissipates into the ground. ‘The Hammer of Doubt’ closes this album and it’s one hell of an ending. It’s reminiscent of a track that you’d swear was released in the mid-80’s, old school and operating at unforgiving high-speeds. Once the album ends, you can finally take a breath. (And then press play all over again).

All 34.5 minutes of this album are pure gold, an overdose for all five senses. With a sound heavily influenced by the likes of Motorhead, Sepultura, Cro-Mags, Nuclear Assault, Discharge, Exodus, Venom, and Anthrax, this album will strike a positive cord with fans of hardcore and old school thrash alike.  I predict this album making a lot of top ten lists this year. I can’t reiterate it enough. Trust me, Manifest Decimation will have you feeling the bangover before the album even begins.

Manifest Decimation is out on Southern Lord records on June 11th, 2013. Buy. This. Record. If you’re a fan of crossover, it’ll be one of the best purchases you make this year.



  1. Manifest Decimation
  2. Heretic’s Fork
  3. Conditioned to Death
  4. Murderer’s Row
  5. Crossbreaker
  6. Drown
  7. Power Trip
  8. The Hammer of Doubt

GENRE: Crossover thrash/hardcore

RECORD LABEL: Southern Lord

PLAYING TIME: 34.6 minutes


Riley Gale – Vocals
Blake Ibanez – Guitar
Chris Ulsh – Drums
Nick Stewart – Guitar
Chris Whetzel – Bass


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