Oct 30

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner (2012)


There are grind bands that do grind for the the sake of doing grind and being the most extremely metal band out there. In the processes offer this, they end up sounding like a bunch of noise.

Then there’s Pig Destroyer.

To call them one of the greatest grind bands of all time is an understatement. Guitarist Scott Hull is known for writing some of them most calculated riffs out there. His work on the new record, Book Burner, is no different.

Every song on this record is engineered to make your head explode. There is no filler, no ballad to break up the heavy. This album is even more insane than Phantom Limb. The songs are less structured but every bit as heavy. Even the songs under a minute are incredibly heavy.

Also of note is the detail. I know what some of you are thinking: “DETAIL IN UNDER A MINUTE! I CALL BULLSHIT.” Shut your mouth and listen. A large part is the spoken word segments that take quotes from different movies/audio books. Now, these actually work with the song. Much too often do we see someone arbitrarily placing a quote in a song that doesn’t make sense and sounds cool. That’s a waste of money on licensing rights. These songs actually work. For example, Larry King’s cameo in “The Bug”. It works.

And I wouldn’t be able to write a decent review without mentioning JR Hayes’s vocals. His voice is one of the most unique in the entire metal scene. As far as lyrics are concerned, if you’re lacking in the “insanely and utterly brutal” department, maybe you should listen to Nickelback instead. His lyrics are almost comically depraved. My favorite song on this record, “Baltimore Strangler”, is ridiculous. It tells the story of a serial killer who almost romantically talks about strangling a woman he’s stalking: “She’s got a neck that’s built for my hands.” How…quaint.

Overall, my biggest qualm is this: it’s over before you know it. Yes, it’s grind, but for being in the works for five years, I want more. It’s a comparatively small complaint, but this album is just so good.

Overall, stop reading this and go pick this up and the new Murder Construct record. Your head will explode.


01. Sis
02. The American’s Head
03. The Underground Man
04. Eve
05. The Diplomat
06. All Seeing Eye
07. Valley Of The Geysers
08. Book Burner
09. Machiavellian
10. Baltimore Strangler
11. White Lady
12. The Bug
13. Iron Drunk
14. Burning Palm
15. Dirty Knife
16. Totaled
17. Kamikaze Heart
18. King Of Clubs
19. Permanent Funeral

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