Sep 08

Peter Tägtgren of PAIN talks about Coming Home



PAIN is about to be 20 years old, and since day one Peter Tägtgren has been in charge of creating every bit of that intricate and singular sound that PAIN is well-known for. This month he is releasing the 8th PAIN studio album titled Coming Home. Even though the album shares the style and the signature sound of PAIN, the music is far different from You Only Live Twice (2011) the band’s previous record. 

Coming Home is a more aggressive yet catchy album that showcases the musical ingenious of Peter Tägtgren and his approach to different styles of music. Songs like Designed To Piss You Off, Call Me, A Wannabe, Pain In The Ass and Black Knight Satellite are some of the most upfront and inhibited pieces of music within this record. It seems that PAIN is not holding back on this album, from the lyrics to the music the album simply put it kicks so much ass.

In a way we could say that Peter Tägtgren took a little bit from what he did on the Lindemann album and sprayed all over this album, which is a great thing as it gives a push towards the industrial metal side of it, and it helps define the concept of PAIN at little bit more.

To understand more the ideas behind PAIN‘s Coming Home, The Age of Metal talked to Peter Tägtgren of PAIN about the band’s new album Coming home, the musicians on the album, 70000 Tons of Metal, The upcoming European tour and an US tour for 2017. Also updates on Hypocrisy and Lindemann.


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