May 04

Pelle Ahman from In Solitude Talks to The Age of Metal


In Solitude

A few months back, I made the comment that old-school metal was on the up and up. This was seen in my end of the year list, and this old-school revolution is only getting bigger. Ghost, the biggest face right now in this movement, is playing a concert with Metallica. Then we have bands like In Solitude. Although they have that vibe, they’re one of the few bands right now in this movement that’s actually trying to carve their own identity into it. Despite the fact that there’s obvious influence of years gone by in their music, they want to be known for what they write as opposed to some hearkening back to nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake, and their most recent album, The World, The Flesh, The Devil, shows them on a clear path to do this. It has all of the things you’d hope for from a metal album: it’s unrelenting, heavy, and dark, but most importantly it’s passionate. It’s not often we get an album that’s both passionate and actually rocking.

Their live show was devoid of all of the glitz and glamour the other three bands (The Devil’s Blood, Watain, Behemoth) possessed: none of the blood, none of the candles and smog, and not even any of the ridiculous light show that Behemoth had. It was just pure energy, punctuated by Pelle Ahman’s mesmerizing performance. It’s quite evident he puts everything he’s got into it: when we met up for the interview, he was quite wiped. But we did talk about a lot, particularly of what drives this band to put as much into it as they can.

Our interview is below.

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