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Pathology – The Time Of Great Purification (2012)


All the way from San Diego, California the Death Metal band “Pathology,” latest release is The Time of Great Purification.”  This is the bands third studio album released through Victory Records.  Formed in 2006 the band since then established their sound and proved they are just getting better every day and are here to show everyone in the metal scene that they are a force to be wrecken with.  Current band line up is  Dave Astor (Drums) Jonathan Huber (Vocals),  Kevin Schwartz (Guitar), Oscar Ramirez (Bass).

Insanity, mayhem & chaos.  It’s the first three words that come to mind when you hear the first track “Imprisoned by Fear” off the album.  Nothing less than an intense scream down by Jonathon Huber opens up the track and sets a very dark ominous tone followed by very technical guitar parts.  “Tyrannical Decay,” is a really great song and when you reach 1 min 05 seconds you hear a killer guitar solo.  “Corporate Harvest,” is another aggressive track with some nitty-gritty death metal vocals that will give you the feeling of despair.    “Torment in Salvation” & “Asphyxiation Through Consumption,” are the next two tracks off the album and are nothing but amazing death metal.

 “Remnants of Freedom,” keeps things moving along with speed and aggression.  “Dissection of Origins,” starts off with a very intricate guitar rifts followed by deep low vocals that will really get you into the song.  Trapped in a vortex of doom feeling helplessness is the mood the all instrumental song   “Distorted Conscious,” will leave you with.  Personally loved how they did not have vocals because the rift was very hypnotic and kind of creates a grim atmosphere.  “A Bleak Future” &  “Oppression by Faith,” are the next two tracks off the album & really demonstrate how the band have evolved after their two previous albums.  The third and second to last songs  “Cultivating Humanity” & “Earth’s Downfall”  really remind you of the essence that is Pathology by evoking their signature sound that reminds you what the bands roots is about.  Finally the last song off the album “The Everlasting Plague,” kicks things off with a stellar guitar rift.  The song was a really great way to end things because it leaves you with the feeling of wanting more.

Over all “The Time Of Great Purification,” was a very awesome album.  After being the bands third one it goes to show that they really know their sound as a band and are perfecting it along the way.  As a fan you can see the bands evolution and deeper thinking from the theme, to the album artwork and more.  These talented young guys really put their blood sweat and heart into this album.  Everyone should go pick up a copy and listen to some great death metal.


Track List (personal picks*)

Imprisoned by Fear**

Tyrannical Decay*

Corporate Harvest

Torment in Salvation

Asphyxiation Through Consumption

Remnants of Freedom

Dissection of Origins

Distorted Conscious*

A Bleak Future

Oppression by Faith

Cultivating Humanity

Earth’s Downfall

The Everlasting Plague*


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