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Panzer – Send Them All to Hell (2014)


Panzer was born as a side project of three of the most influential heavy-thrash metal musicians: Schmier (Destruction), Stefan Schwarzmann and Herman Frank (ex-Accept) who announced the big news to the heavy metal scene. This metal trio cannot be properly called as “superband”, but its debut album honours their talent and skills. Send Them All to Hell is a well crafted album, well produced, having such a modern sound typical from Nuclear Blast records.

The overall sound has the standard heavy metal elements: clear guitars, powerful riffs and perfect tempo drums mixed to Schmier‘s thrash-god vocals. There are some movements in the structure of the album, going from a zestful beginning to a slower interlude and finally gets a heavy end. Technically speaking, this album has been very well performed without any noticeable mistake sin the production, so all fans can expect a professional record (it’s what you expect from three experienced metal lords).

Regarding lyrics, this album is a criticism to different social aspects like corruption, lies, profiteering, tricks, politics, etc. I’ve found this album a bit orthodox regarding its music, since all songs kept a standard structure, simple and successful. It’s not a flat album, but something is missing to be an outstanding album. I felt this album as deliberately tuned to a mainstream audience.

Death Knell starts this album with pure heavy metal riffs and drums. Hail and Kill is a slower song having such gummy riffs, vocals and bass lines. Temple of Doom starts as a power metal song, but evolves to old heavy metal sounds. Panzer puts again the album down its speed using thrash-based riffs without losing its fierce, a nice song to party. Freakshow goes back again to speed with pure heavy metal, fast drums and old-style riffs. Mr. Nobrain is a fast song where Schmier‘s vocals add that thrash-based touch. Why? is a wonderful song that takes you to a unknown zone where you can remember great bands like Candlemass and recognize avantgarde sounds like Melechesh did, definitely one of the best songs in this album. Virtual Collision goes back to heavy metal combined to some thrash riffs, solos and drums parts. Roll the Dice has a nice combination of hard-rock and heavy metal elements added to Schmier‘s vocals which achieve an interesting song, where in some parts invoke a dark atmosphere. Bleed for Your Sins is a pure heavy metal song, fast and catchy that ends this album with, well… a heavy end !

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



  1. Death Knell
  2. Hail and Kill
  3. Temple of Doom
  4. Panzer
  5. Freakshow
  6. Mr. Nobrain
  7. Why?
  8. Virtual Collision
  9. Roll the Dice
  10. Bleed for Your Sins
  11. Murder in the Skies (Gary Moore cover)

Genre: Heavy Metal

Record label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 54:04

Line Up:

Schmier: Vocals
Herman Frank: Guitars
Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums

Panzer’s Official Facebook
Panzer at Nuclear Blast Records

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