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Overkill live at The Orpheum. Tampa, FL (09/13/14)



There’s something about thrash metal that separates it when any other style of music. It could be its velocity, it could be the catchiness, it could be the brutality, or perhaps all of it that makes the listener completely engulfed by the music. The Overkill show at Tampa on September 13 is by far the best thrash metal show I ever attended. There is nothing in the world like a kickass thrash show! 

The first band to go on was Thrash or Die. An unusual band to open the show, since their Facebook page has 165,000 likes. But they’re a thrash band from Miami. They were definitely a great band to start off the show; they play old school thrash flawlessly and certainly drew an impressive crowd for being the first band. The only thing I would recommend for this band would be to make their stage presence better. Their music was very vigorous, but the band wasn’t showing that. Other than that, I can see this band doing big things in the future.

The next band was Deadlift. They definitely put an interesting twist on thrash metal. Their set started more melodic at first, and gradually increased in rapidity. The opening band drew the crowd, but this was the first band to get people moving. I noticed the crowd start to mosh and even some singing the lyrics. As far as my review, I thought they were pretty good. They didn’t knock me off my feet, but I enjoyed their set. Like the previous band, I feel the stage presence could be improved. But nonetheless I would see them again.


The next band after that is a Tampa death metal favorite of mine. Let’s just say I barely watched the band…because I was too busy headbanging! Generichrist is the epitome of the Tampa death metal style: full of vitality, aggression, power, and no bullshit. Generichrist announced they will be releasing a new album in the next couple of weeks, and from the material they played I know it will be the best that they have done. From what I heard it’s the best I’ve seen guitarists Joe Hujibar and Guy Loucks ever perform. The previous bands should take some performance lessons from this band. Vocalist Tony Anderson was literally running around on the stage and headbanging, yet his vocals sounded perfect. And from talking to others in the crowd, Generichrist definitely gained some new fans.

The band before Overkill was Ornimental. I honestly think this band could have impressed me more. I can tell all of the musicians were very talented (especially their vocalist) but what they played wasn’t very imposing. The only song the crowd was enthusiastic about was their cover of Painkiller. Other than that song, they only played two other songs (the other bands played at least four). I feel this band could have more potential, but that night they didn’t thrill me.


Now, where do I start with Overkill? Let’s say, after the amount of headbanging I did their performance was kind of a blur. But there are several factors I couldn’t forget. At first I was unsatisfied because their lights were insanely bright, especially the two strobe lights by the bass drums (pretty sensitive for those like me who are susceptible to migraines). But after I got over that, it was by far one of the best performances I saw. For being in their fifties, the guys in Overkill knock just about every band out of the water. Not only was their stage presence enthralling, but they played the whole set perfectly. Overall, they are completely engrossing live.

This band had the most “one more songs” I heard. What I mean by that is, when a band is about to close their set and the crowd begs “one more song” the band plays one more song. Usually when they play one more song that is all they play. Overkill played almost ten. Hell, when they said they would play “one more song” they played about three. This was by far the most impressive crowd I’ve seen at a thrash show, and the crowd did not want Overkill to leave! After their set I had to buy a shirt.

This show is by far one of the best I’ve seen all year. The locals were great, but nothing stands in the way of Overkill! Especially since this was the only Florida date at such an infamous area, Tampa definitely showed Overkill that thrash metal will truly never die. With this new album I’m sure Overkill will come back, and I’ll be there when they do!


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