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Overkill live at Marquee Theater.Tempe, AZ (02/01/2013)



I’m really happy to see thrash metal get the renaissance it deserves. Bands such as Anthrax and Death Angel are getting the respect they’ve deserved (in Anthrax‘s case, especially) while bands such as Havok are gaining quite the underground following. Then there’s Overkill. A band that’s been around for over three decades are finally selling (close to) the amount of records they deserve. Their latest, The Electric Age, hit #72 on the Billboard 200. This is absolutely amazing considering the record sales that are going down, even taking into account the age of their fanbase. However, this also means they have more of a need to do well live. More fans equals more scrutiny into a live show. How did they do, especially considering they’re opening for Testament (one of the best live bands around)?

First off, the design of their stage was such that you’d think they were headlining. I mean, they had a wall of amps. They brought their own lights as well. It was incredibly shocking that Testament‘s management would let them get away with more than a couple of scrims and maybe a banner in the background. They had so much stuff that an 18-Wheeler was needed to bring the setup. It was wild.

That said, fancy equipment does only so much. Did they bring it live? Yes. As a matter of fact, I want to be on whatever workout plan Blitz is on. He managed to bring it and carry the whole band with him. As they ripped through songs from their entire backlog ranging from “The Wrecking Crew” to “Electric Rattlesnake“, Blitz was everywhere. This dude was born to be a frontman, and they stole the show from Testament easily – nobody moshed as hard to Testament as they did to Overkill.

Overall, I was blown away. I actually had to ask myself who should be headlining this tour. I don’t think I’ve ever asked that before and said it should be the openers. Today, that was the case. Well done, Overkill.

Here are the pictures we got from the show.

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