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Otep discusses Equal Rights, Equal Lefts tour and Generation Doom.



Otep‘s music has always been difficult to categorize into a single genre, either because of its complexity or because it’s a mix of different genres altogether. However, a constant factor along her music is how upfront and how aggressive it is. Her new album Generation Doom dropped last May as she was in the middle of the first leg of the tour to promote the record and already some of the crowds that were part of that tour knew some of the lyrics, if that doesn’t scream proactive artist, I don’t really know what it does. 

Less than two months after the end of the first leg of the tour, Otep is out on tour again, you see what I mean? The first stop of the of this second leg of Generation Doom tour was Mesa, AZ. This time, around I had the chance to go and check out her show as last time I couldn’t. This was the second time that I presence Otep live, and I am one of those people that think that a venue can change the perspective in which you can see a performance. So Club Red was the perfect venue to catch what Otep‘s Generation Doom was all about, a great show with a set list that mixed up her new album and her classic stuff.

To begin with, a Sunday show has the tendency to be slow, but I figure that always depend on the artist who is playing the show. You might think that because Otep played here a few months ago, and she was playing a Sunday night show Club Red would be empty. Well, It wasn’t empty, on the contrary, it turned out to be a really good show, from the place having a good size crowd to the crowd itself being super responsive and interactive during Otep‘s set.

Before the show, we had the chance to seat and talk to Otep about this leg of the Generation Doom tour, her comments on what is going on with society right now, her state of mind at the time to write songs, album reaction and what is next after the tour.

Set List


Battle Ready
Apex Predator
Smash the Control Machine 
Lords Of War
Blood Pigs
Rise, Rebel, Resist
In Cold Blood
Equal Rights, Equal Lefts


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