May 20

Oskar Dronjak of Hammerfall discussed touring the US and Built To Last


After waiting almost 7 years, American audiences had the pleasure to see the templars of metal, Hammerfall, once again blazing across US territories. The band just wrapped up an impressive and long US tour in support of their most recent album Built To Last  released last year via Napalm Records. 

Talking about Hammerfall is perhaps talking about the band that brought back heavy metal to the masses back in the 90’s when the world of music was overruled by grunge and alternative sounds, this Swedish heavy metal templars decided to bring back the heavy metal that was made famous in the 80’s by the NWOBHM movement and bands like Helloween and Manowar. By adding a more crispy sound and a more epic approach Hammerfall opened the doors to the flood of modern heavy metal bands like Sabaton or Orden Ogan or Powerwolf

Saying that the show at Club Red in Mesa, AZ last week was awesome it is an understatement as we got to listen a more technical Hammerfall delivering a set-list that comprised many eras of their discography. From songs like The Dragon Lies Bleeding, Let The Hammer Fall, and Renegade to more contemporary songs like Bushido and Hector’s Hymn out of their 2014 album (r)EVOLUTION, and some of the new songs like, Hammer High and Built To Last out of their last album. And of course there was also space for classics and fan-favorite songs like Hearts on Fire, Blood Bound, Riders of The Storm and Any Means Necessary

It was a great return show that left many AZ  Hammerfall fans content and with the desire to see so much more from Hammerfall in the future, now we just hope they comeback soon, in the mean while we will just keep out our hammers…HIGH!!!

Before the show The Age of Metal had the chance to speak with guitar player and founder member Oskar Dronjak about the bands’s triumphant return to the US, the fan response towards the new album Built To Last and their upcoming show at Leyendas del Rock in Spain this summer.

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