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Orbweaver – Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EP (2013)


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On August 2nd, an unbelievable force will sweep the metal industry. Psychedelic metal band Orbweaver from Miami, Florida will release their psychotic masterpiece: the five-track EP Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon. Combining trippy effects, relentless drumming, atrocious vocals and a delusional mindset, Orbweaver will rip apart your sanity.  This debut will invade your system, crush your reality, and will take you on their deranged adventure. This pristine release is sure to melt your face and detonate your brain. To all drug enthusiasts – we have found your musical match.

The EP starts off with the track Xoxtic. It lashes out and attaches to your mind instantly. The rapid riffing and comprehensive drumming builds up in your head. The second track Those of Non-Being encompasses the acidic sound this band has developed. The combination of a demented chorus with malleable and wavy instrumentals holds the strength that only the perilous obtain. It is the definition of the soundtrack to the worst drug experience that you could possibly have. Crystal Prisms continues this dismal episode with the same exhilarating expedition. Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship has the stoner rock feel of a lucid sensation. This instrumental track is parallel to the feeling of flying in a wrecked rocket. This savage endeavor ends with The Church Warden Procedure. With the epilogue to this EP, you find yourself falling in a black hole that eventually swallows you whole.

Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon will completely obliterate your perception. Orbweaver blows your mind with their vivid yet inhuman musicianship and sound. The intensity of this mere EP is unbelievable. Their uniqueness is engaging, but the fortitude of it is what really grasps you. With how immense and bizarre their spacey effects are, you will find yourself dumbfounded by the intensity of it. There are definitely big things on the horizon for Orbweaver. So relax, expand your mind, and plunge into the dark abyss of your imagination.

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1. Xoxtic
2. Those of Non-Being
3. Crystal Prisms
4. Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship
5. The Church Warden Procedure

Genre: Psychedelic Metal


Playing Time: 30 minutes


Randy Piro – Guitars/Vocals/Effects
Sally Gates – Lead Guitar
Jason Ledgard – Bass
Scott Spasiano – Drums



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