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Olof Mörck & Elize Ryd of Amaranthe discussed North American tour 2015



Amaranthe is a band that has grown so much in the American metal scene since their US début at Progpower USA in 2012, since then they have released two revolutionary records (The Nexus & Massive Addictive) and since then they have also toured the US not only once, but by now three times as a headliner, and with each tour they seems to get more and more followers. 

But, what is the secret behind the success of Amaranthe on the death/thrash metal saturated American metal market? Is it Elize‘s curves or voice?, Is it Olof‘s guitar playing? or perhaps Jake‘s & Henrik‘s mixed of clean & growling vocals? To be honest, there are a bit of those elements embedded in their success, but from the big picture perspective it’s their sound, in general, I must say as they are not compromised to a single genre making them so difficult to categorized into one, when you listen Amaranthe you listen to a mix of pop, hard rock and AOR with a splash of metal on it. So from that perspective they will appeal to a broader audience.

Last week we here in Scottsdale, AZ  experienced exactly that musical cocktail as they played a packed show (at a tiny venue) to a very enthusiastic crowd. I will go far as say that this was one of the most unique shows I have seen Amaranthe putting on since their debut at PPUSA. Since Jake was out of the tour on paternity leave (Congrats Jake) for the majority of the tour he was replaced by Chris Adam (Smash Into Pieces), who had to leave the tour before the last four dates due to tour compromises with his band in Europe. So what happened at the Scottsdale show?

Well, I remembered Elize asked the crowd ‘if someone by chance knew the lyrics of Over and Done and would be brave enough to go on stage and sing the clean parts of it with them’, So it comes this guy (Dane Nilsson) who without any rehearsal, no ear monitor, sung with Elize the best he could and added a moment of spontaneity and native talent to the show (interesting enough, Amaranthe invited Dane to fill in for Jake for the rest three dates of the tour. Sometimes a brave moment could open hidden doors in our path). The show itself was filled with interesting moments as Heidi from Butcher Babies also came to the rescue of Amaranthe, which put a different tone to Amaranthe‘s set.

Overall, the show at Pub Rock was the most interesting, unique, and intimate show that I have seen Amaranthe do. So I hope to see them again playing a bigger venue with their full lineup, but for now this Amaranthe show at Pub Rock was good enough to keep it as an interesting and treasured memory.

Before the show The Age Of Metal spoke with Olof Mörck (guitar) & Elize Ryd (vocals) of Amaranthe about their North American tour, the impact of their music, the importance of Massive Addictive, and what it’s next for Amaranthe in 2016.


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