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Official MOONSORROW Documentary “Home Of The Wind” Nears End of Crowdfunding Campaign


The official Moonsorrow documentary, Home of the Wind: A History of Moonsorrow, is nearing completion on its crowdfunding campaign. Available until June 11th via Indiegogo, the campaign is close to the 90% of the minimum goal.

Offering a unique chance to be a part of metal history, and a chance to personally enter the chronicles of the pagan metal giants, you can visit the campaign here and check out contribution incentives: https://igg.me/at/homeofthewind. This is an independent project from fans, for the fans. No discographic labels are involved, no distributors, no market-imposed deadlines, only sheer passion and love for music.



Moonsorrow is the essence of Finland made music. Formed in 1995, when the extreme metal world was becoming saturated with black metal, their unique approach to music soon made them become one of the pioneering bands in pagan metal, or as they call their own art, Epic Heathen Metal.

Home of the Wind is an entirely independent project directed by Leo Aragón (produced by Jörmungandr Media, including writer Grilo do Demo, author of the Unofficial Moonsorrow Biography). Supported by the band and record label, the documentary will centre on the unique life and history of the band, and will consist on interviews with the band members and other related people in the locations they drew their inspiration from.

The team behind Home of the Wind are working with a very strong cinematic approach. This is often overlooked in documentaries. There are too many cases of documentaries that offer a great deal of the most interesting information in a visually plain way. Home of the Wind: A History of Moonsorrow will have a clear beginning and ending, an artistic visual treatment, the closest attention to detail and the most careful photography. It won’t matter if someone is not familiar with Moonsorrow or paganism: they’re making a movie worth watching.

As founding member Henri Sorvali says: “We guarantee it will be worth the wait. We’re fully supporting it and are thankful of all the support you can give.”

Guitarist Mitja Harvilahti adds: “There’s a lot of music you haven’t heard, there’s a lot of places we can show you.”

“It’s been more than a year working day by day and I can’t believe how close we are to make this real,” says director Leo Aragón. “The documentary won’t be commercialised after the Crowdfunding Campaign, this being the only chance to obtain a physical copy, as well as the remaining (and previously unseen) Moonsorrow memorabilia.”

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