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Nunslaughter – The Devil’s Congeries (2013)


NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devils Congeries Vol 1

On July 23, Hells Headbangers will release a compilation of Nunslaughter’s 7” EPs. This compilation, titled The Devil’s Congeries, is a two-disk lucid experience of all of Nunslaughter’s best work. These releases vary from EPs the released from the early 1990’s to the 2000’s, including their debut 7” Killed by the Cross. The first disk is their studio work, and the second are tracks from their live performances taken off of their Hell On… live series. There are twenty-nine immoral tracks on each CD. As well as the tracks, the compilation comes with a booklet featuring artwork from all EPs and press information. To all diehard Nunslaughter fans: your diabolical prayers have been answered.

Nunslaughter emerged out of the putrid darkness in 1987. Nunslaughter was formed by: bassist Don of the Dead, guitarist Jer the Butcher, vocalist Gregoroth, and drummer Behemoth Bill. Since then, they have suffered several line-up changes including Don doing both bass and vocals and Nunslaughter being a triad with Gregoroth and Jer. They recorded their first two demos, Ritual of Darkness and Rotting Christ before recording their first EP on vinyl, Killed by the Cross in 1990. Nunslaughter have always been known for their slimy and putrefying sound. Their profligate lyricism has earned them the title as a “Devil Metal” band.

This compilation is a perfect idea to mesh these sickening tracks together. With all of the special features, disposed Nunslaughter fans will indulge in the deleterious activity. The tracks chosen for this compilation are some of the most savage that Nunslaughter have ever written. The tracks featuring the live performances allow listeners to refer back to Nunslaughter’s sickening live sets. Above all, it’s a perfect way to satisfy our destructive cravings for a new release from Nunslaughter. Maybe this will spark a tour? Maybe?

nunslaughter - band hi-res


(Disc 1)

1. I.N.R.I
2. Power of Darkness
3. Sacrifice
4. Emperor in Hell
5. Demons Gate
6. Bring me the Head of God
7. If the Dead Could Speak
8. Devil Metal
9. Black Beast
10. Church Bizarre
11. Midnight Mass
12. Resurrection
13. It is I
14. Poisoned Priest
15. Fire
16. Obsessed with the Visions of a Satanic Priest
17. Atheist Ways
18. The Fucking Witch
19. She Lives by Night
20. NunSlaughter
21. I Am Death
22. NunSlaughter
23. Hells Unholy Fire
24. Killed by the Cross
25. Burn in Hell
26. Hells Unholy Fire
27. Death by the Dead
28. Killed by the Cross
29. I Am Death

(Disc 2)

1. Face of Evil
2. Emperor in Hell
3. Dead Plague
4. Midnight Mass
5. Killed by the Cross
6. I.N.R.I
7. Fire
8. Power of Darkness
9. Blood for Blood
10. The Fucking Witch
11. I am Death
12. Death by the Dead
13. It is I
14. Altar of the Dead
15. Atheist Ways
16. Reign in Blood
17. In the Graveyard
18. Obsessed with the Visions of a Satanic Priest
19. Burn in Hell
20. Burning Away
21. NunSlaughter
22. Satanic
23. Black Horn of the Ram
24. Piranha
25. Hellchild
26. Ritual of Darkness
27. Devil Metal
28. Church Bizarre
29. Poisoned Priest

Genre: Devil Metal

Label: Hells Headbangers


Don of the Dead
Zack “Massacre”
Jim Sadist
The Deserter



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