Apr 21

Norther – Circle Regenerated (2011)



Finnish death metallers Norther had return with a new studio album, Circle Regenerated, their 6th in their musical career, and it is great to see them back, their sound is more mature within the Finnish death metal scene, leaving way behind that stigma of being Children Of Bodom‘s little brother, and taking as their own that sound that such band left behind long ago, the work in keyboards and guitar is just mesmerizing, with tracks like Truth, Someday & Believe that shows the mature of their approach to melodic death metal.

One thing you must notice is the change in the vocals this due to the absence of Petri Lindroos, who left the band to commit full-time to Ensiferum, and was replaced by Aleksi Sihvonen (ex Imperanon) his vocal power is shown in tracks like We Do Not Care and The Last Time. is no doubt that Norther is moving forward leading the melodic death metal scene without let its essential sound be modified, in the contrary Circle Regenerated is a step forward in the way of doing melodic death metal.

Power tracks: Truth, Believe, The Hate I Bear.

Slow tracks: Someday, The Last Time, Failing.


01. Through It All (03:48)
02. The Hate I Bear (04:06)
03. Truth (04:04)
04. Some Day (04:49)
05. Break Myself Away (04:05)
06. Believe (04:23)
07. Falling (04:21)
08. We Do Not Care (04:16)
09. The Last Time (04:14)
10. Closing In (05:49)


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