Sep 22

No Raza checked in with The Age Of Metal



Colombian death metallers No Raza are on the roads of North America supporting their new album When Chaos Reigns, the quartet stopped by Mesa, AZ last Thursday (09/18/14) at Club Red to deliver a hell of a show. Their sound it’s heavy, and blunt for an unsigned band with three studio albums under their belt, and the desire to conquer the world. 

At first it surprised me when I heard about this band, because is a rarity to having a band from Colombia headlining a full North American tour without the logistic support of a record label behind their enterprise. But after watching their set, I realized the potential and ‘go get them attitude’ of this band, which makes me believe that is the reason why too many people across America is pitching in and believing on them. So if you cross paths with their show, better check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Their sound is straight up death metal, but what break them apart from other bands comes down to couple of aspects; first, their stage presence, which is a mixture of Roman armor, and Prince Of Persia kind of stage outfit. that make them look like warriors from a Mad Max movie. Second; their message, which is an open critic to the world’s mental barriers like race or national origin, which unfortunately is something that keeps happening a lot in a different places around the globe.

Overall, their show is fast, really intense for 45 minutes, that for sure would left you craving for more. Before their show The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk to No Raza about their story, their last couple of albums (Misantropia & When Chaos Reigns), and how this North American tour came together.


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