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Nile – What Should Not be Unearthed (2015)


Nile - What Should Not Be Unearthed - Artwork

Nile is perpetual. I hope everyone in the metal community has realized this fact. Being not only one of the most distinguished but also influential bands and musicians in death metal, it’s easy to understand why this band is everlasting. Nile has proved their legacy again with What Should Not be Unearthed. I swear this band can’t ever release a bad album.

The album begins with Call to Destruction. Nile starts off right away with the brutality. This song is full of vitality and monstrosity: loud riffs pummel over rapid drumming, instantly gaining you attention. This Nile song is the embodiment of their classic style; the deep guitar tone matched with Dallas Toler-Wade’s thundering vocals paves the way for what is expected from this album. The only thing that breaks away from this annihilating atmosphere is the swift squealy solo toward the end.

Most songs are definitely on the slaughtering-vibe, but others have their subtle unique qualities. An example of this is Liber Stellae – Rubaeae. While this song is still heavy, the instrumentals and vocals aren’t as catching. Typically this would be considered a filler track, but there’s an underlying notion about this track that gives it more depth. All of the instrumentals are well-written, but there isn’t anything flashy going on. It’s just a straightforward smashing song. And that’s awesome!

We get the Egyptian and Middle East influences at In the Name of Amun. Some Eastern-inspired musicianship opens the door to complete ruination. Everything hits you so hard: complex drumming, fast picking, and what sounds like multiple guitar tones slapping you in the face. You then hear the growling: “In the name of the god Amun”! Amun is one of the most important gods in Egyptian mythology, and when he is joined with the sun god Ra he becomes even more powerful as Amun-Ra. With Amun being such an important figure in Egyptian mythology, this song is an important one off the album; all of the insanity encompassed in the Nile sound unleashes in this track, causing you to worship every second of it.

The title track What Should Not be Unearthed encompasses the whole feel behind this album. For the goal to make the album more heavy than technical, if one song can describe that it’s this one. If there’s one song on the album that will provoke you, it’s definitely this one!

Evil to Cast Out Evil is a song packed with malevolence. Roaring vocals are heard over an array of grinding solos and hair-raising drumming. It’s a never-ending cycle of animosity. In my interview with guitarist Karl Sanders, he mentioned they were going to leave the setlist for this album’s touring a surprise. All I can say is I hope this is one of the songs played live!

This energy continues and comes in full force with Rape of the Black Earth. Anything reviling about this band comes to life as a raging beast. Everything about this song is dark; it reeks of putrid death and decay. Everything stays in incredibly low-tuning; even the drums manage to be hit more hard than technical. In short, this song is practically evil.

The album ends with To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed. Out of all of the songs, this one is the most powerful. Its menacing hooks and odd catchiness will make this song unforgettable. This song is like most Nile songs, but then it isn’t; it has either an intense high, or the most violent low. In short, it’s completely unpredictable. It shifts gears from impressive soloing to a drastic change of fast rough picking. The drums are intricate one second and then are specifically focused on the force. This is definitely the best conclusion Nile could write to another successful CD.

Nile will stand the test of history. People in the future will remember this band: their CDs will be idolized, places of worship will be created, and stories will be told of each member and their journey through death metal-dom. In short, Nile will be as momentous as their ancient Eqyptian counterparts. Fortunately, us in this generation can watch history unfurl as Nile releases incredible albums such as What Should Not be Unearthed. We may want to start constructing those Nile-worship temples or pyramids.



1. Call to Destruction
2. Negating The Abominable Coils Of Apep
3. Liber Stellae – Rubaeae
4. In The Name Of Amun
5. What Should Not Be Unearthed
6. Evil To Cast Out Evil
7. Age Of Famine
8. Ushabti Reanimator
9. Rape Of The Black Earth
10. To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 48 Minutes


Karl Sanders – Guitars
Dallas Toler-Wade – Vocals/Guitars
George Kollias – Drums
Brad Parris – Bass



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