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Niilo Sevänen of Insomnium discussed Shadows Of The Dying Sun & touring with Dark Tranquillity



Since their very beginning back in 2002, Insomnium has shown the potential that they have to create new and meaningful material to the melodic-death metal scene. They are the kind of band that with every album they release, their music gets darker, and somehow it gets a lot more significance into the minds and hearts of their fans and peers in general. With Shadows Of A Dying Sun, they stepped into a whole new level of melancholy and sorrowful music. Not content with releasing such great album, they decided to return to North America after a 3 years absence, this time around supporting Dark Tranquillity (I remember how the melo-death fans were quite stoked about this double date with sorrow when it was announced). 

Insomnium, played in Mesa, AZ at the Club Red last January 27th, The air at the club was filled with so much expectation, since they have not been in the US in such a long time, but their set was mix of old material and songs out of Shadows Of A Dying Sun. The reception from the public was huge as the Finnish quartet took the stage, they opened with The Primeval Dark, While We Sleep, and Revelations, which were the first taste of Shadows Of The Dying Sun live, this resulted on a mix of a sing along/head banging frenzy among an already excited AZ crowd. The next two songs; The Harrowing Years & Where the Last Wave Broke took us back to their Across The Dark (2009) album, which is one of the albums that introduced many of us to Insomnium, back when they started to grow and get more notice in the international scene.

Their set continued with Ephemeral, the first single out of Shadows Of The Dying Sun, and Unsung a favorite among fans out of their One For Sorrow (2011) album, followed by The Promethean Song again from Shadows Of The Dying Sun, I was surprised of how many new songs they were playing live, it was like a live tour through the new album, very often bands will play two of three song from their new material, but Insomnium was delivering one amazing track after another from the new album, so that was amazing to see.

The Gale & Mortal Share from their Above The Weeping World (2006) album closed a fantastic set of Finnish melodic death metal that left many of us hanging there, and with the hopes up that Insomnium can comeback soon. Before their show at Club Red, The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to speak with Vocalist/Bass player Niilo Sevänen, who told us about touring with Dark Tranquillity, the reception of Shadows Of A Dying Sun by the fans, and his opinion on the melo-death scene, and some of their plans for 2015.

 Pictures: Insomnium live at Club Red. Mesa, AZ 01/27/15



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