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Nightwish – Showtime, Storytime DVD (2013)



Nightwish is a band that has gone through too much in the last decade, from getting as big as any band could ever dream, to fall out from grace because of the drama. But no matter what happened, they got up, clean up the dirt, and keep going. Because after all the circus must go on.

Recently consolidated as a six-piece band with the latest inclusion of Floor Jansen on vocals and Troy Donockley (uilleann pipes, low whistles, vocals). To highlight this event, Nightwish will released on November 29th (December 10th in the USA) a new live DVD, recorded at this year’s Wacken Open Air in front of 85.000 screaming metalheads. A second disc will include a documentary titled ‘Please Learn The Setlist in 48 Hours’ that tells the story of the events that surrounded the Imaginarum world tour in 2012, and that leaded to the current changes within the band.

The live show DVD recorded at Wacken Open Air 2013 with 17 cameras was directed by Ville Lipiäinen, and as explained by mastermind and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen: “Our darling flying Dutchwoman, Floor Jansen, has been nothing but incredible during her time in NIGHTWISH on this tour, so this is a perfect opportunity to immortalize the current vibe of the band on film!” 

The DVD includes a variety of material from Nightwish’s long-lasting career. From Wishmaster to Imaginarium. It is incredible how the voice of Floor Jansen can transform songs like She Is My Sin, Ever Dream or Bless The Child, into people’s anthems that the crowd received, sang and felt through them. Her vocal talents were put to the test with songs like Nemo, Dark Chest Of Wonders or I Wish I Had An Angel from the Once album (2004), but she managed to bring back the emotion and power of those songs in her unique way.

After watching the DVD I notice how strong, happy, and natural the band looks and sounds on this DVD than their latest live DVD’s. One element that came to my attention and surprised me the most is how Troy Donockley‘s musical interventions with the uilleann pipes interact so well with Tuomas‘s parts and even gave new color and contrast to some of the old songs. This live DVD shows a more energetic Nightwish, more positive and less stressed, Perhaps is the presence of the new members, perhaps is the mood in the band. But is a sentiment that transcends the TV screen.

Songs like Last Ride Of The DayI Want My Tears Back, Amaranth, and Ghost Love Score had found a different meaning for me personally, they seems to have more life and a different mood as well. perhaps is Floor‘s dynamic voice or her stage presence, or perhaps the good vibe that the band transmits live (not only on this DVD, as I saw them with Floor and Troy last year, before and after the events that ended up with the new line up). So the live show presented on Wacken Open Air 2013 represents a new era on Nightwish‘s history, an era that many fans have waited for a long time, I just hope that is a definitive one.


The second DVD disc is a documentary that was recorded during the events that leaded to the arrival of Floor Jansen to the band, the title says it all. ‘Please Learn The Setlist in 48 Hours’, it starts with the events at the Denver, CO show in 2012 in which Elize Ryd & Alissa White-Gluz (At the time touring singers for Kamelot) helped Nightwish go through that show as the now former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon was rushed to the hospital. The story continues with the arrival of Floor Jansen at the Seattle, WA show, the good reception of the fans, and the continuation of the North American tour 2012.

Besides that part of the story, this documentary explores the Imaginarium World Tour 2012 from their secret show at the now extinct Key Club in West Hollywood,CA where they played under the name of Rubber Band Of Wolves, to the shows at the Gibson Amphitheater, then shows in Finland, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom. Then the documentary describes the shows with Floor Jansen in South America, Australia, Japan, and the closing of the tour with shows during the summer festivals in Europe. One thing that caught my eye during this part was how the positive energy of Troy Donockley brings the band together before the show.

Overall the DVD brings to the table many new elements within Nightwish. It reflects the mood of the band, the good energy, and the enjoyment that they had when they play a show, something that it was missing last time I saw them at the North American kick off tour show in Atlanta, GA in September 2012. I am personally glad they survived another change and that people had received the new members with arms wide open. I am really eager to see what is next for Nightwish, and of course to listen the music they can created in this new era. This is definitely a must have DVD, not only because is another piece of Nightwish‘s history, but because it shows a more intimate part of the band.


Live Setlist:

01 – Dark Chest Of Wonders

02 – Wish I Had An Angel

03 – She Is My Sin

04 – Ghost River

05 – Ever Dream

06 – Storytime

07 – I Want My Tears Back

08 – Nemo

09 – Last Of The Wilds

10 – Bless The Child

11 – Romanticide

12 – Amaranth

13 – Ghost Love Score

14 – Song Of Myself

15 – Last Ride Of The Day

16 – Outro (Imaginaerum)

Genre: Symphonic/Cinematic Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: Live show (85 minutes) documentary (120 minutes)

Line up:

Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards
Marco Hietala – bass / vocals
Erno Vuorinen – guitars
Jukka Nevalainen – drums
Floor Jansen – vocals
Troy Donockley – Pipes, flutes & whistles



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