Mar 14

Nick & Steve of Paradise Lost discussed 70000 Tons of Metal & The Plague Within



Since I discovered Gothic and Draconian Times, two of the most impressive albums by English gothic metal maestros Paradise Lost, I was in love with their music. Paradise Lost‘s music has always channelled sadness and sorrow in a way in which those feelings can be acknowledged and embrace in the same way as we embrace happiness or love.

Paradise Lost‘s recently played two astonishing sets at 70000 Tons Of Metal which both were brilliant and powerful. Their first show was on the pool deck on Saturday just passing midnight, So if you can picture the pitch dark ocean everywhere outside the Independence Of The Seas while on the pool deck Paradise Lost plays songs like Gothic, Pity the Sadness, Terminal, or Say Just Words just after midnight, that is a memory you would never forget, for 45 minutes all that pool deck was a stage for tragedy lyrics and slow gothic metal riffs.


Their second show felt more like a concert on itself as it was inside the Alhambra Theater where we experience a similar set, but the mood was darker and the feeling from their first set was still around. Among the songs they played on that set, we got to experienced songs like; Erased, Return To The Sun, An Eternity Of Lies, and Last Time. It might seem that this set had more songs from Paradise Lost‘s latest album The Plague Within, but that was alright, as that one of my personal favorite records last year.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Nick Holmes (vocals) & Steve Edmondson (Bass) of Paradise Lost about their experience at 70000 Tons Of Metal, The Plague Within, and the legacy of Paradise Lost in the gothic metal genre.


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