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Nick Holmes discussed with us singing on Bloodbath, and how he prepared for Grand Morbid Funeral



Bloodbath has since their beginnings considered to be a ‘Super Group’, even when ‘Super Groups’ were not a daily thing (which is nowadays). Their greatness is not based on who is on the band, they are great based upon how raw and heavy they are. I think when talking about Bloodbath it should be referred as one of the most visceral bands ever come out of Sweden. Recently the band released a new album called Grand Morbid Funeral, that is the début album for Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) on vocals. 

If you listen Grand Morbid Funeral without looking at who is on the band, and stepping out from this idea of ‘Super Group’ the first thing it come too mind is; ‘Damn, this is fucking good death metal’, then you look at the line up, and you realized not only the talent behind the album, but you get also surprise to know that the singer is the same one that does this melancholic/clean vocals on Paradise Lost, at that moment you might realized you are listen to a strange, but good and heavy record.

Even though, Nick Holmes is filling on big shoes (ÅkerfeldtTägtgren). He makes justice on his own way to the name of Bloodbath, He had done growing vocals in the past for Paradise Lost, but his growling vocal style on Bloodbath is unique, and it fits the rawness and heaviness of the band. Songs like; Let The Stillborn Come To Me, Church Of Vastitas, and Mental Abortion are vocally insane on their own way, and they reflect on why he is a great choice to carry on the name of Bloodbath.

With the album out, some people would expect a more extensive touring calendar for Bloodbath, but as we know that is impossible due to all members being on different bands, and have different commitments and schedules  which make the touring cycle for Bloodbath limited to metal festivals. One of the dates (so far the only one in the US) will be at the infamous Maryland DeathFest next May in Baltimore, MD. So if you already have tickets, then you are in luck. But, if you still scramble on how to get there or weighting on if is worth it. We assure you, it will be.

The Age Of Metal recently caught up with Nick Holmes of Bloodbath/Paradise Lost. We talked about what lead him to join Bloodbath, his role as singer instead of singer/songwriter, and he gave us an small glimpse of what we can expect on the next Paradise Lost album.

Bloodbath  Live  Dates  2015

Apr 01   Inferno Festival                         Oslo, Norway
Apr 18   Neurotic Deathfest                    Tilburg, Netherlands
May 22  Maryland Deathfest                   Baltimore, MD
Jun 04   Sweden Rock Festival               Norje, Sweden
Jun 12   Metalhead Meeting                    Bucharest, Romania
Jun 19   Hellfest                                       Clisson, France
Jun 20   Copenhell                                   Copenhagen, Denmark
Aug 06   Brutal Assault                            Jaromer, Czech Republic
Aug 08   Party San Open Air Festival      Schlotheim, Germany
Aug 09   Vagos Open Air                         Vagos, Portugal

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Interview with Nick Holmes of Bloodbath/Paradise Lost by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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