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Nephelium – Coils of Entropy (2012)



Nephelium is a death metal band all the way from Dubai out in the Middle East, who are now residing in Toronto, Canada.  The band was formed back in the late 90’s and put out their Demo in 2002  “Archaic Malevolent Sorcery” then in 2003 their EP “Ignite The Wrath of Silence”.  The bands self released album is “Coils of Entropy”.   Current members consist of Devlin Anderson (vocals) Alex Zubair  (guitars), James Sawyer (guitars), Flo Ravet (bass), Alan Madhavan (drums).

First track on the album “Burial Ground” starts off very heavy gives you that old death metal vibe.  Great classic vocals and guitar rifts on the second song “Merciless Annihilation”.

Half way through the album singer Devlin Anderson changes up his vocals by introducing some higher pitched screams on “Hellborne.”  Personally I think it both variations of his voice sound brutal. Right after, your ears get hit with “Malediction” & Halls of Judgment” are both just intense songs.

The self titled song on the album “Coils of Entropy” starts with a killer drum opener and amazing vocals that totally point out their influence from Deicide.  Great way to end the album with the most killer track off the whole thing.

Nephelium album “Coils of Entropy” is very appealing if your into old school death metal.  It sounds classic but still modern showing off their guitar skills and heavy drum beats and vocals.  Definitely a cd to check out this year if you’re a death metal fan.

Track List

1. Burial Ground 05:04
2. Merciless Annihilation 06:18
3. Hellborne 05:02
4. Malediction 08:52
5. Halls of Judgment 05:56*
6. Coils of Entropy 10:15*

(personal favoraite picks*)


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