Apr 26

Neige from Alcest talks to The Age of Metal.



   Alcest has been one of those bands that that for a few years now have been refining their sound going away from their more black metal roots. On the 16th of April at the Rouge Bar in Scottsdale I had the chance to see Alcest for their first headlining tour here in the US. Seeing Alcest live is like going into a trance and as they came on with their  single on Les Voyages de l’Ame called Autre Temps, great amount of smoke began to fill up the small bar. After the first song they began to dig right in their catalog raging from their newest album to their album Escailles de Lune and Souvenirs d’une Autre Monde.

    We had a chance to speak to Neige of Alcest while on tour at the Rouge Bar in Scottsdale. We spoke of the album and the recording process, his love for making music, and the tour. Check out our interview below.


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