Jan 25

NECROWRETCH signs to Season of Mist


Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of the french death metal threat NECROWRETCH. The band are currently writing a new album to be released by Season of Mist worldwide in 2017.

Regarding their signing, NECROWRETCH comment:

“We will build a new necropolis together in the form of our third studio album, which will be recorded this year. Prepare yourself for terrible doom!”

Established in 2008, France’s NECROWRETCH draw their inspiration from some of the genre’s most grotesque and evil cornerstone bands, ranging from the likes of MERCILESS, NIHILIST and MARDUK, to Finnish legends IMPALED NAZARENE and the early brutality of the USA’s DEATH. NECROWRETCH’s signature fast, occasionally melodic black metallic riffing defines their trademark vicious and maniacal sound.

Even though NECROWRETCH’s roots reach deep into the underground scene, the band have since gathered a worldwide cult following through notable live appearances, including a German debut show with ASPHYX and mini-tour with MORBUS CHRON. The band have further gained momentum through notable festival appearances, including Party San and Wolf Throne Fest, and an appearance at the Fenriz (DARKTHRONE) curated Live Evil fest. Hell bent on breaking out from their status as an “underground gem”, NECROWRETCH are ever-developing their approach to extreme metal, while remaining true to their original harsh and primitive sound.

NECROWRETCH news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the NECROWRETCH Facebook page.

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