Apr 14

NECROWRETCH release new album, ‘Satanic Slavery’


NECROWRETCH have released their new album, ‘Satanic Slavery’ worldwide today. A vicious death metal overdose, the trio’s deadliest album to date, is streaming now at Cvlt Nation. ‘Satanic Slavery’ is available for purchase across CD and LP formats here.

Regarding the album, NECROWRETCH guitarist and vocalist Vlad comments: “Dear sinners! After three months of intense preaching, the time has come to unleash the entirety of our most dreadful offer: ‘Satanic Slavery’. Today marks the day, on which we unleash a beast that we cannot contain anymore, a beast which incarnates a vision of extreme metal from whence we have never drifted. May this offering resound as your final doom! Satanas Sprawl!

NECROWRETCH have announced a European tour. The tour begins on April 22, and sees the band performing across Lion’s Metal Fest, Steelfest, Forestfest, and Fall of Summer Festival. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Track list
1. Sprawl of Sin
2. Tredeciman Blackfire
3. Satanic Slavery
4. Evil Names 
5. Hellspawn Pyre
6. Bestial Rites
7. Curse of Blasphemy
8. Verses from the Depths

Listen to ‘Satanic Slavery’ on Bandcamp
Lisen to ‘Satanic Slavery’ on Spotify

‘Satanic Slavery’ is a deadly dose of blackened death from these French heretics, whose high-speed metal blends old-school feeling with the aggression of the new school. Riffs burn like hellfire and drums drive at break-neck speed while ungodly vocal screams bay paeons of the profane. NECROWRETCH are evil incarnate and ‘Satanic Slavery’ embodies the very essence of satanic death metal.

Established in 2008, France’s NECROWRETCH draw their inspiration from some of the genre’s most grotesque and evil cornerstone bands, ranging from the likes of MERCILESS, NIHILIST and MARDUK, to Finnish legends IMPALED NAZARENE and the early brutality of the USA’s DEATH. NECROWRETCH’s signature fast, occasionally melodic black metallic riffing defines their trademark vicious and maniacal sound.
Even though NECROWRETCH’s roots reach deep into the underground scene, the band have since gathered a worldwide cult following through notable live appearances, including a German debut show with ASPHYX and mini-tour with MORBUS CHRON. The band have further gained momentum through notable festival appearances, including Party San and Wolf Throne Fest, and an appearance at the Fenriz (DARKTHRONE) curated Live Evil fest. Hell bent on breaking out from their status as an “underground gem”, NECROWRETCH are ever-developing their approach to extreme metal, while remaining true to their original harsh and primitive sound.

NECROWRETCH news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the NECROWRETCH Facebook page.

NECROWRETCH tour dates
Apr. 22 Istanbul, TR @ Peyote    
Apr. 23  Izmir, TR @ Volume Alsancak    
May 13 Montagny, FR @ Lions metal fest    
May 19 Hyvinkää, FI @ Steelfest    
Jun. 2 Puget-sur-Argens,  FR @ Le Rat’s    
Jun. 3 Avignon, FR @ Bandidos MC    
Jul. 14 Chevenez, CH @ Forestfest    
Sep. 8  Torcy, FR @ Fall of summer

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