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Nargaroth – Era of Threnody (2017)


German Black Metal band, Nargaroth, has been contributing killer Black Metal to fans across the world since 1998. With seven full-length albums to their discography, Ash, formerly known as Kanwulf, is back with Krimh, drummer of Septicflesh, and Bernth, a guitarist who was part of Nargaroth’s live lineup, with the amazing album Era of Threnody. All the songs on this album are about experiences Ash had, mostly taking place in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert, and will be released on May 16th.

Era of Threnody opens with a long, very melodic, yet raw track entitled Dawn of Epiphany. The song opens with an atmospheric sound, and a woman talking about asteroids and creating a perfect paradise. Then acoustic lead and rhythm guitars come in, and some short-lived vocals from a choir. The song then breaks out into all other instruments, with electric guitars, and there are some bell sounds.  Ash’s raw vocals come in at the 3-minute mark, and the melodic sounding guitar compliments Ash’s vocals well with a cool contrast. I also like how the bass from Bernth is easily heard throughout the song. The outro has a riff from what sounds like an acoustic guitar again, and a violin that fades out until the end.

When I first heard the second song on the album, Whither Goest Thou, on Nargaroth’s Facebook page, I was amazed at how great it was. I listened to it twice before I shared it on my account. It opens with all instruments, and an atmospheric sound soon follows. I also believe there are some short – lived vocals from the choir in the intro. This track has a great contrast of slower parts of the instruments and faster parts. I think it gives the feeling of change throughout the story of the song greatly. Ash’s slower paced, raw vocals, also really contribute to the more story-like vibe. The clean-tone guitar outro from Bernth made it a perfect ending to an awesome song with a good story.

Epicedium to a Broken Dream, opens with clean-toned riffs, Krimh follows with slow drum beats, and then the song breaks out into another melodic, but raw song. The bass is easily recognizable in this song as well. There’s a woman whispering something, that gives the feeling of a dream state before Ash comes back in with his vocals. The female whispering comes back in at the 3:57 mark. Then Ash comes back in with the same vocals he did after the first whispers. The whispers come back and lead out to the end of the song. It was only on the third time of hearing the whispers that I realized that they weren’t English, but sounded Spanish.

Although I enjoyed every song prior, Love is a Dog From Hell, was a nice and more upbeat, and rock sounding change to the album. To me, it has a more Satyricon and Taake like sound, which is awesome. I enjoyed the riffs, short guitar solo, the bass lines, and the lyrics. It was a short but far from a disappointing song, and who doesn’t agree that love is a dog from hell? I researched online to see if this was a cover of a song, but I don’t think it is. Maybe it was inspired by the book with the same title by Charles Bukowski? I’m not sure, but I love the song nonetheless.

The title track of the album is very incredible. Knowing that Ash stated flamenco was part of the history behind Era of Threnody, I believe this song illustrates that statement well. The intro of the song sounds very flamenco- like with acoustic guitars. Once again, it breaks out into a melodic, but very raw and powerful song. About halfway through the song, cracks of thunder and rain come on, while a riff from an acoustic guitar is played creating a great atmosphere. Another guitar comes in with the bass and drums, and at 7:11, clean and very calming vocals come in. I think it would have been cool if the song ended with another crack of thunder and the sound of rain, but the electric guitar fading out until the end still made it a good ending.

The last song on the album, My Eternal Grief, Anguish Neverending, is another masterpiece. It opens with windy sounds and this eerie atmospheric sound, and the guitars, bass, and drums soon follow. Clean, quiet vocals come in and are sung over raw vocals, and it makes for a great sounding contrast. It gives the idea that the raw vocals symbolize the eternal grief and anguish of Ash, and it’s just beautiful. I also like the part where it’s just Ash’s raw vocals, and Krimh is doing drum fills before clean vocals come in and repeat the title of the song. The repetition gives it the “never-ending,” feeling, but I don’t think the repetition of those lyrics get dull, due to the vocals sounding very pretty and relaxing. The song ends with more windy sounds fading out, which makes it a cool ending for this beautifully amazing album filled with great stories told through very enjoyable Black Metal.

Rating: ★★★★★


  • Dawn of Epiphany
  • Whither Goest Thou
  • Conjunction Underneath The Alpha
  • … as Orphans Drifting in a Desert Night
  • The Agony of a Dying Phoenix
  • Epicedium to a Broken Dream
  • Love is a Dog From Hell
  • Era of Threnody
  • TXFO
  • My Eternal Grief, Anguish Neverending

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Inter Arma Productions

Playing Time: 1:04:20


Ash: Concept, lyrics, vocals
Bernth: Guitar, Bass, and samples
Krimh: Drums
Renata V: Whispers (VI) and choir vocals (II, V, VI, X)


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