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Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat (2015)



What do most people think of when they hear Napalm Death? Why would anyone write this let alone enjoy this? That this is what a murder sounds like? Or that this band are the founding fathers of grindcore? Well no matter what you think, the latter is the truth. With their newest album Apex Predator – Easy Meat, Napalm Death proves they’re immortal. This band combines their traditional dirty sound they carved into extreme metal history with some new and interesting styles. Definitely interesting, nonetheless.

With Apex Predator – Easy Meat, Napalm Death develops a darker sound than Napalm Death fans are used to hearing. This sound comes out with a song such as Metaphorically Screw You. The tone of this track is very heavy and harsh, with a mingling of slower parts along with the classic Napalm Death fast parts. But this song moves fast and thrashy enough to where Napalm Death doesn’t stray far from their roots.

A song like How The Years Condemn sounds like something I would hear from an old Autopsy record. It starts off very slow, filled with feedback and random growling. Eventually the song itself starts, a very melodic and grungy track – or as melodic that Napalm Death can get, with just as much grunge.

A song like Stubborn Stains puts Napalm Death to their old self. The song starts off with a bunch of babbling you can’t understand, with an ensemble of ridiculously speedy musicianship. None of it makes sense, but the listener can’t help but enjoy it; kind of how I always saw Napalm Death. Anyway, this song is like old stuff.

Napalm Death even added a bit of groove to their vigorous composition – just listen to the song Timeless Flogging and you’ll figure it out. Does it still sound like scraping the dirt out of your fingernails? Of course. But this song is a bit catchier…until you get toward the end where it gets really fast and grindy. But some sick bass parts in this song,

Honestly, if there’s one song I don’t really care for it’s Dear Slum Landlord. The opening of the song comprises of weird vocalizing with a wailing guitar part, the lyrics aren’t comprehendible and the guitar doesn’t so much for the rest of the song. As the song progresses it gets pretty cool, almost doom-like and somber. But this still isn’t a favorite song of mine,

The last part of the album sounds like reinvented old material, and I couldn’t be happier. Beyond The Pale has to be one of my favorite songs off the album. The listener is quickly acquainted with the ongoing battle between high-pitched squeaky vocals and intense gutturals, as this battle occurs throughout the song. The composition is easy to follow even with its rapidity. In short, it’s the perfect headbanging song. It quickly gets stuck on you, like a piece of chewed gum you step on and no matter how many times you scrape your shoe on the ground it doesn’t come off. That’s exactly what this song sounds like. Songs like Stunt your Growth follows this exact pattern. That fast, heavy, I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck and overall scumbag feel. Napalm Death dabbled in other styles with this album, but more of their classic style never gets old.

I can see Napalm Death fans having different opinions about this record. I can see the elitist-type getting mad and cranky online with how versatile it is. I can also see several fans shocked, like I was. Or fans can be stoked that not only Napalm Death is still around, but they make a more solid album than most bands. This is obviously a band that has defined themselves over every other style of extreme metal. That is why this band is still kicking ass and taking names. Napalm Death proves that grindcore is still alive and it’s a lot more complex than what he thought. Overall, this album is pretty cool.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



01. Apex Predator – Easy Meat
02. Smash A Single Digit
03. Metaphorically Screw You
04. How The Years Condemn
05. Stubborn Stains
06. Timeless Flogging
07. Dear Slum Landlord…
08. Cesspits
09. Bloodless Coup
10. Beyond The Pale
11. Stunt Your Growth
12. Hierarchies
13. One-Eyed
14. Adversarial / Copulating Snakes

Genre: Grindcore

Record Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 39 Minutes


Mark “Barney” Greenway – Vocals
Shane Embury – Bass
Mitch Harris – Guitar / Vocals
Danny Herrera – Drums



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