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Murder Construct – Results (2012)


Over ten years ago, the American people were granted a savior in the metal scene, composed of people around the metal scene, that was destined to save the metal genre from itself. Their name? They go by Murder Construct. This band’s goal was to create the most brutal metal around without compromising themselves to the metal of the day, like nu-metal. Now, over ten years later, they’ve finally put out their first full-length LP, aptly titled Results. But does it deliver them? Or are they overrated – oh fuck it, this album rules.

I mean, what are you going to expect from an album featuring Travis Ryan (Decapitated), Danny Walker (Intronaut), and others from within the underground metal scene? Shit music? Wrong. This is some badass deathgrind. This is beyond no-bullshit deathgrind: it’s ferocious and played at a blistering speed, but the parts are way more interesting than most grindcore within the past few years (Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer notwithstanding). Travis Ryan’s vocals make a huge dent as to why this is different: his diverse range fits all of the cuts on this record.

Danny Walker and Leon Del Muerte both stand out on their instruments. First off, I love being able to see Danny stretch his legs and see him play fucking fast. All of the parts are equally as interesting as anything in Intronaut’s back catalog, but the speed adds a totally different element to it. For example, track 5, “Compelled by Mediocrity”, starts off with an intro not unlike something from Prehistoricisms, but then breaks into blastbeats that for some reason just sound heavier than most people. Leon’s parts throughout the record are just brutal.

I would also like to take this moment to comment on the final track, Resultados, is a modern classic. It’s the one song I feel accurately combines the talents of the entire band to its full potential. Furthermore, the piano at the end actually works.

Overall, you need this album. Just stop reading this review, go to iTunes or wherever the fuck you want to go, and buy it. It’s that simple.


1. Red All Over
2. Under the Weight of the Wood
3. No Question, No Comment
4. Gold Digger
5. Compelled by Mediocrity
6. The Next Life
7. Dead Hope
8. Feign Ignorance
9. Mercy, Mercy
10. Malicious Guilt
11. Resultados

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