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Municipal Waste -The Fatal Feast (2012)


Bringing it back to the days of high top shoes, jean vests, long hair & some good old classic thrash metal.  Thrash band Municipal Waste latest album is “THE FATAL FEAST,” through Nuclear Blasts Records.  Municipal Waste has been around since the early 2000’s and since then are establishing themselves as a killer thrash band of our decade.  All the way from Richmond, Virginia and has a current line up of: Tony Foresta (Vocals),  Ryan Waste (Guitar) Land Phil (Bass), Dave Witte (Drums).

Waste In Space is the first track off the album which totally keeps to the theme of outer space with its intro.  Then the song jumps right into some classic thrash rifts & vocals.  It’s the shortest song off the album but gets straight to the point and keeps you interested.   Repossession is an upbeat quick song off the album that when played live will get the pit started.   New Dead Masters starts off with a really cool bass rift and the song is very catchy and will definitely stay in your head.  Unholy Abductor is in your face the second it starts.  Tony Foresta kills it with his super fast lyrics the song for the whole minute & 20 seconds.  Idiot Check the 5th song off the cd is a great tune, once you hit a minute & 38 seconds there’s a really quick dynamite guitar solo (which should have latest longer because it was so great).  The next 3 songs Covered In Sick-The Barfer, You’re Cut Off, Authority Complex are speedy songs that keep things in gear.

Half way through the album we get to a song called Standards And Practices, the track is a bit slower than the others and has a mix of punk and thrash elements.  Crushing Chest Wound ,The Monster With 21 Faces & Jesus Freaks are songs that will pulverize, your ear drums because their so awesome.  The title track off the album The Fatal Feast is a sick song,  Tony, Ryan, Phil, & Dave made the perfect song and the video released for it was entertaining and very funny. 12 Step Program & Death Tax both have amazing intro’s and seem like they’ll get a good crowd response when played live.  Finally the last track off the album is Residential Disaster is the longest song and has some sweet guitar rifts, drums, bass & vocals.  Since the song is longer than the others on the album you can really see the good structure & thought they put into it.  They made a great choice putting the song at the end to finish up the album.

Over all the 16 track album The Fatal Feast was great.  It had fast songs that really just dove right into it.  It’s in your face classic thrash the whole time.  You can also hear other elements & influences the band incorporated in it.  The album gives off an old 80’s vibe that fans will love.  Municipal Waste made a killer album that all will enjoy so you should go pick up your copy as soon as it comes out.

Track List (personal picks*)

1.  Waste In Space

2.  Repossession*

3.  New Dead Masters

4.  Unholy Abductor

5.  Idiot Check*

6.  Covered In Sick-The Barfer

7.  You’re Cut Off

8.  Authority Complex

9.  Standards And Practices

10. Crushing Chest Wound

11. The Monster With 21 Faces

12. Jesus Freaks

13. The Fatal Feast*

14. 12 Step Program

15. Death Tax

16. Residential Disaster*


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