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Municipal Waste at 910Live.Tempe, AZ (06/05/12)


On June 5th “The Fatal Feast Tour” hit Tempe Arizona at Club 910 Live.  The show was held outside in the roaring heat of our lovely desert city. Municipal Waste headlined the show and the opening band was Black Tusk along with other locals.  The tour is promoting their new record The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast Records) which is out now.

It was a great turn out for a thrash show on a Tuesday of all days of the week.  Black Tusk warmed up the crowd and had a good stage performance.Once Municipal Waste hit the stage it was utter chaos; the crowd turned sadistic.  Everyone immediately started head banging and moshing like no other.  The show got pretty wild and Municipal Waste was killer.

The band was surprised with the crowd response they got. The fans decided to turn things up by sneaking up and stage diving. It started with one courageous fan turning into too many to count. Security had to step in on both sides and try to control things. Sweaty moshing young kids tore this outside venue up. Everyone was singing along and enjoyed the show. Not only did men do all the moshing but there were even a few brave crazy brutal girls in the pit. After the show people even got the band to sign a few items for them which was really nice of them to do. Arizona got to show Municipal Waste we too can get crazy and can’t wait for them to come back.

Here are some of the pictures of the show

The set list for the night was Garbage\Unleash, Mind Eraser, You’re Cut off, Wolves, Thrashin Christ, Beers Pres\Authroity, Terror, Wrong Answer, Fatal Feast, Toxic, Hangover\Sweet, Headbanger, and a few others.

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