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Mr. Lordi of Lordi discussed US tour, comics and Eurovision.  


After almost 9 years of absence from the American stages, the Finnish monsters of Lordi finally found their way to America. While promoting their new album Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs Demonarchy released last September. The band visited Mesa, AZ last Thursday night (02/09/17) and delivered a monstrous show at Club Red.

We went down to Club Red and check out the Finnish monsters for the first time, curiously Alcest was also performing at Club Red in a different room within the venue which resulted in a clash of metal styles from nerd metalheads looking for a night of stargazing music to a bunch of dark metalheads and old school rockers walking into a show of monster metal. 

The show started around 7 pm with a local instrumental band called Leshen a progressive band that helped lift the spirit of the few souls that were at the venue at the time. The following band was Goth Brooks, a type of Industrial metal meets rap meets goth/emo style. A very bizarre band that personally didn’t make any impact on the crowd with the exception of a few people here and there. 

The band before Lordi was the most original band that could fit this bill. 2 In The Chest it seems to be a family effort or that it was what I could gather from their performance. The band fusions metal with rock, and western music while wearing full on old west costumes and corpse and ghostly paint which creates the chilling effect of a full old western ghost/zombie family band (including the little girl keeping the rhythm with a hand tambourine). 2 In The Chest was the best band to opening for a band like Lordi, definitely would love to see them if they ever get a spot opening for Gwar

The main monster course of the night arrived around 9 pm as the Finnish monsters came out to play. Their show was less theatrics and more music, something that I wasn’t expecting as their monster characters give a lot of opportunity and space for stage theatrics, which they didn’t use, and I was fine with it. One thing about them was the fact that every monster had their own solo section, I especially enjoyed Mr. Ox (bass) part which involved a very annoying nun that it gets gutted out in the middle of his solo, quite entertaining I must say. Overall Lordi played a quite balanced set that included a general view of their whole discography from songs like; Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe), Babez for Breakfast, The Riff, Icon of Dominance, Hug You Hardcore, Hard Rock Hallelujah, Would You Love a Monsterman?, and Down With the Devil.

Even though the venue wasn’t full as expected for a Thursday night, or even with Mr. Lordi offer of a written work- absence slip it was a great and fun show, Hopefully, the Finnish monsters could find their way to the valley of the sun soon, and we don’t have to wait another 9 years to see them again.

After the show, we exchanged a few words with Mr. Lordi about the US tour, their new album, comics, and his opinion of the impact of Eurovision in metal.


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