Mar 12

Mother – A New Life EP (2014)



If 2013 brought us the return of 70’s classic rock, 2014 goes a bit further in time and brought us the spirit of blues in the form of four New Yorkers called Mother, that decided to rescue what Steve Ray Vaughan left unfinished by his early departure of this world.

And how convenient that, their new EP is called A New Life, as that is exactly what these guys are bringing to Rock’ N Roll with their music. The first song, Dying Day, introduces itself with a dirty guitar sound that just lays down the blueprint for what whole EP is.  A full-scale Rock’ N Roll attack from beginning to end. Ghost is one of the heaviest songs of the EP, once again the guitar steals the show as it brings back that bluesy tone that reminds me a lot of Vaughan‘s sound, no doubt one of the best songs of the EP.

Outside, is faster and by far the most aggressive song on the EP, really catchy and full of twists and turns, really enjoyable from beginning to end. Driving Myself Insane, is the essence of the blues itself, that electric and beautiful blues sound. Without doubt my favorite song from the EP, the bass guitar on this song is just thick, juicy, and really fat. Fucking beautiful indeed. To Live With In is just the trip from the heaven of Driving Myself Insane to earth, just wind and keyboard melodies, a nice ballad, that closes the EP on a slow fade out note.

This band has something that many bands are lacking out of their sound these days. ‘Soul’, these kids play music from their hearts, if they continue on that path they could have a brilliant future in music, if you asked me. A New Life is just the beginning of something that could make a ruckus, besides to be a good EP.



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