Mar 12

Mortillery – Origin of Extinction (2013)



From the creepy depths of  Edmonton, Canada Mortillery thrashers have come out with their latest album titled “Origin of Extinction.”  With a killer unique sound and screeching stellar voice from Cara McCutchen.  It’s about time we see more tough chicks out in the thrash scene.  The band was started back in 2008 and have managed to crawl  their way out of Canada and establish a name for themselves.

No time to waste as we jump right into things with the first track on the album “Battle March” its an all instrumental song show casing the bands talents. It’s a great intro to transition to “No Way Out,” which has a very calm beginning for a thrash tune that leaves you with a feeling of desolation and despair.  But of course things pick up as soon as you hear Cara belt out some lyrics.  The high notes she reaches at about 4:07 min is a loud statement that she is a force to be wrecken with.  “Seen in Death” is definitely a heavy track on the album.  It has lots of raw energy, aggressive vocals and intense energy.  With great mesmerizing rifts its one of those songs that will stick in your head.

F.O.A.D has to be the sickest song on this whole entire album.  Great drum opening followed by a guitar solo that is all over the place; which of course leads to some cut-throat lyrics.  You really get to hear everyone excel and shine at their craft.  With a FUCK YOU attitude this song completely shreds.  “Maniac” the perfect song title for this song because it will truly turn you into one when you listen to it.  After hearing the lyrics closely you’ll understand the song well.  Last but night least “Sunday Morning Slasher” is all about KILL KILL KILL.  This last track closes things off well.  Another high pumped tune that gets your attention.  It’s great to see Cara hit such different notes and show her versatility in her vocal ranges.  From high to low, screeching growls and great harmonies.

Speed, attitude, and talent are fueling this album.  Its aggressive, different and original. Cara McCutchen – (Lead Vocals), Alexander Scott – (Lead Guitar),  Alex Gutierrez – (Rhythm Guitar),  Kevin Gaudet – (Drums), Miranda Wolfe – (Bass) made a great thrash album.  For current and new fans totally something to check out!


Track List:

1. Battle March
2. No Way Out
3. Cease to Exist
4. Creature Possessor
5. Seen in Death
6. Feed the Fire
7. The Hunter’s Lair
8. F.O.A.D
9. Maniac
10. Sunday Morning Slasher

Genre: Thrash Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 42 minutes


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