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Morten Veland of Sirenia discussed touring the US for the first time


Sirenia is one of the few band that can be credited as a pioneer of the gothic metal movement, as they were founded at the peak of the movement back in 2001. With a pure gothic metal attitude, the have been constantly releasing great records regardless of the different change of line-ups over the years. At Sixes and Sevens (2001)Nine Destinies and a Downfall (2007) and The Enigma of Life (2010) are clear examples of some of the amazing music Sirenia has created over the years. 

But one of the things that Sirenia was missing from their career resume, was a proper US tour since their American fans have been craving their presence in American soil even since the band first started. That changed early this year when it was announced that they were visiting the US along with Arkona during May. 

Their show at Pranksters Too it was definitely a good one, It could have been better if they were played at a better venue, at least one that has a better sound. Regardless of the poor choice of venue, they railed up their fans and delivered an amazing show. Sirenia played a really mixed set list that encompassed different eras of their career, but at the same time, they added a lost of songs from their new album, Dim Days of Dolor.

We had the pleasure to listening songs like Meridian (At Sixes and Sevens 2002), My Mind’s EyeThe Other Side (Nine Destinies and a Downfall 2007), Lost in Life The Path To Decay (The 13th Floor 2009), The End of It All (The Enigma Of Life 2011), My Destiny Coming to Pass (Perils of the Deep Blue (2013), SerpentSons of the North (The Seventh Life Path 2015), Dim Days of Dolor, Goddess of the Sea, Elusive Sun, Ashes to Ashes & Treasure n’ Treason were taken from their new album Dim Days of Dolor

Before their show, we had the chance to speak with Morten Veland of Sirenia about their first US tour, the new album Dim Days of Dolor and the changes the band had experienced over the years.


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