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Mors Principium Est – …And Death Said Live (2013)



A lot has happened in the camp of Mors Principium Est since their last release Liberation = Termination dropped 6 years but they are finally back with their brand new release for 2013 …And Death Said Live.

Hailing from the city of Pori in western Finland, Mors Principium Est (a latin phrase translated loosely as Death is the beginning) came together in 1999 to play fast melodic death metal. In 2003 they released their first full-length Inhumanity mixing their fast paced of melodic death metal with a bit of black metal thrown in. With the release of their magnus opus The Unborn in 2005, MPE came into their own opting for more fast guitar riffs and use of synth. Liberation = Termination, released in 2007, was a continuation of The Unborn sound. After the album MPE went into a bit of rut when three members left. It seemed that they were close to breaking up, however they kept trying out new guitarists until in 2011 when they did a world-wide search via the internet for anyone interested in playing for them and found current guitarists Andy Gillion and Andhe Chandler. Now with a full line-up they have released their newest album …And Death Said Live to surprising results.

…And Death Said Live starts with The Awakening, an intro instrumental very similar to their other intro Orsus on Liberation = Termination. At first I didn’t know what to expect with this album, being a big fan of them since their The Unborn album I was a bit scared when I first heard that both guitarist were replaced for this album as one of the most significant things of MPE were the intense but catchy riffs. However once I heard Declaration hit I knew that both Andy Gillion and Andhe Chandler knew what they were doing. In some ways …And Death Said Live has all the elements that make up MPE but as expected there are some new elements being introduced. Vocalist Ville Viljanen on this album is in full form again opting for his Tomas Lindberg-esque vocals. The new guitarists show vigor in their playing, as the riffs on Mors Principium Est usually while being simple time wise and structure are daunting fast and require a whole of stamina. Birth of the Starchild for instance is a fast song with it’s thrash tempo and intricate riffing. A notable difference this time around in MPE is the inclusion of two guest guitarist coming in for solos. The first one being Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder on the aforementioned song Birth of the Starchild, while the second guest guitarist being Jona Weinhofen of Bring Me the Horizon did a solo on the song What the Future Holds? Now I am not a fan of either band but major respect has to go to both guitarists for taking the time to do some solos for MPE. Another notable difference are the new influences in MPE, the song Bringer of Light for instance is very influenced by The Black Dahlia Murder and the sound is very reminiscent of the band (not exactly surprising as Ryan Knight was a guest on the album). The album closes with Dead Winds of Hope, a powerful closer with very melodic passages, a surprising low growl from vocalist Ville, and ending with a very melodic tapping riff.

In short Mors Principium Est has done a fantastic follow-up with …And Death Said Live. The have added new elements while not sacrificing their core sound and made a great album that is sure to be a contender for 2013.



1. The Awakening
2. Departure
3. I Will Return
4. Birth of the Starchild
5. Bringer of Light
6. Ascension
7. …and Death Said Live
8. Destroyer of All
9. What the Future Holds?
10. The Meadows of Asphodel
11. Dead Winds of Hope

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Record Label: AFM Records

Playing Time: 46:20



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