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Morgoth – Cursed To Live (2012)



Close your eyes and listen to the screams, the shouts, guitars, vocals and hear the drum beat and bass line in the air.  It feels so real as if you were there but once you open your eyes your just sitting in the very comfort of your car, living room or where ever it is your playing the “Cursed To Live,” album (Century Media).  German Death Metal band Morgoth is releasing their latest cd which is the live recording of Germany’s Way Of Darkness Festival on October 7th 2011, this is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their Cursed album.  So for anyone who was there can remember the sight and sound of the show and for those of us who weren’t here’s our chance to hear the magic that we missed.  Formed in 1987 Morgoth has pumped out the heaviest tunes and has made their mark in the death metal scene as an important band from Europe.  Current band line up is: Marc Grewe (Vocals), Harry Busse (Guitar), Sebastian Swart (Guitar), Marc Reign (Drums) Sotirios Kelekidis (Bass).

Cursed To Live is a 2 disc cd that features songs off the Cursed album along with a few from Odium and a few more tunes off some of their Ep’s.  The album starts off with Cursed the soft sound of what sounds like a an ominous presence is the intro which sets a dark tone and then we get to hear the intense deep vocals shouting in an aggressive manner.  The great thing about the live album is that we get to hear some of the band interaction with the crowd and some extra shouts and screams Marc Grewe decided to add.  I especially love how they count in German to get some songs started.  On this album you really get to hear the shrill, deep infamous death metal screams that make the band who they are.  Its raw and has some great energy.  This album is unlike other live cd’s because you don’t hear too much of the back ground of the screaming fans or any distortions.  The recording on it is very crisp to be a live album and you can hear all the instruments very well.  The best part of the recording is the vocals because you haven’t lost any of its integrity it sounds just as if it were recorded in a studio with minimal editing.  Over all great feel, and intense.  It can only paint a vivid picture in your mind of what all the guys were doing on stage while they played each note and sang every lyric.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you can feel it.  The album really is a great mix and has a variety of classic fan favorites and illustrates that 20 years later the deep impact all these song have are still just as brutal as when they first came out.  Hearing this can only make you picture the sea of people throwing their fists in the air screaming to the top of their lungs and nothing but a massacre of bodies in the pit.  After you finish the first album your left wanting more and thankfully Morgoth made it a two cd album in order for us to not miss any second of pure death metal brutality.

The second cd has most of the same songs as the first in a different order with a few others.  The cd opens with cheering fans and is definitely more knitty gritty sounding death metal. The screams are more intense and everything feels all over the place in a good way.  It will scramble your brain and make you want to go in the pit.  You can really feel the difference and the vibe between the two is very distinct.     Personally enjoyed the second album more just because I love everything more extreme and aggressive this cd sounds more real in you face with a no crap attitude that captures the essence of death metal.   The album closes with Marc Grewe screaming at the end of “White Gallery,” Morgoth is Fucking back!

A portable festival experience is what all live albums are.  They can transport you into a different time & place without you having to leave any where.  Live album can be amazing because I don’t believe any concert can ever be recreated.  Every night is different, every fan is different along with the place & time.  Morgoth fans should be delighted they can experience that once in a lifetime moment the band created for the audience at the Germany’s Way Of Darkness Festival on October 7th 2011.  Over all killer Live album its death metal the way it should be.

Track List: (personal picks *)

1. Cursed

2. Body Count*

3. Exit To Temptation

4. Unreal Imagination

5. The Travel

6. Resistance

7. Suffer Life

8. Pits Of Utumno

9. Sold Baptism

10. Lies Of Distrust

11. Under The Surface

12. Selected Killing

13. Burnt Identity

14. Isolated

15. White Gallery**

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