Jun 17

Mnemic – Mnemesis (2012)


Some bands are just too difficult to describe musically speaking, and I think that is the case of Danish quintet Mnemic. Their music is so complex and grabs influence from many established genres that it makes so impossible to describe what they are. So I just going to leave it as they once describe themselves, “Future Fusion Metal“.

After many changes in their line up, the band comes back this year with Mnemesis, their 5th studio album. An album that from Transcend the opening track gives you an idea of the transformation of the band, a more subtle sound that is still pounding and fast, but has new elements to their music. Valves, is a more melodic song that feature progressive elements and a bit more of clean vocals. Junkies On The Storm have strong riffs that gives aggression to the guitar sound, and I guess that is thanks to the playing style of Victor-Ray Salomonsen the new guitar player of the band, that rhythm guitarist and founding member of the band Mircea Eftemie described him as “young and talented musician” on a recent interview we conducted with him not long ago.

I’ve Been You is a catchy song that can be considered mellow at first, but it has a lot of punch and fast parts all over the song. Pattern Platform is a band that has a Meshuggah vibe going on, really weird tempos and the distortion work its amazing. Mnemesis the title track of the album continues as fast as the previous track, with a great combination between growling and clean vocals. There Is Not Tomorrow is the softest song in the album, quite melodic and with a more modern metal approach, quite interesting experiment by Mnemic on this song. Haven At The End Of The World is a song to head bang and release some adrenaline at the mosh pit if they play it live.

Ocean Of Void and Blue Dessert In A Black Hole are more traditional Mnemic songs, very strong play, but even though they carry that style the band had created through the years you can tell the execution is different from their previous work. Overall Mnemesis is a new chapter on Mnemic‘s discography, not only from the stylistic point of view but from the performance point of view. A revamp in their sound with fresh blood that brought new ideas and sounds to the Mnemic table.

Track List:

01. Transcend
02. Valves
03. Junkies On The Storm
04. I’ve Been You
05. Pattern Platform
06. Mnemesis
07. There’s No Tomorrow
08. Haven At The End Of The World
09. Ocean Of Void
10. Blue Desert In A Black Hole


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